Gear Compound Oil 68 – High Temperature Gear Oil ISO 68 – EP ISO 68

Midlands Lubricants own brand supplier offer a range of Gear Compound Oils. Our High Temperature Gear Oil ISO 68 is blended brand new to order from virgin base stock for use in heavy industries and equipment where the gear systems tend to be enclosed. Industrial gear drives containing spur, helical or bevel gears as well as spiral bevel and worm gears are also included all of which operating at high speeds or very high loads. Usually gear compounds can also be used for Gear Pumps, Chain drives, Sprockets, Guideways, Flexible Couplings, plain and anti-friction bearings. In industrial plants or Agricultural environment where conditions for servicing require the use of an gear compound lubricant our product will it meets requirements of the gear drives.

Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance policy BER 1400/2002
Product Description: Gear Oil EP ISO 68

Midlands Lubricants Gear Compound EP 68 – High temperature Gear Oil ISO 68

Gear Compound Oil Oil ISO 68 – Features/Benefits:
  • High Film Strength with Excellent Load Carrying Capacity
  • Good Anti-wear Properties
  • Protection Against Shock Load
  • Excellent Thermal and Oxidative Stability
  • Good Hydrolytic Stability and Water Separation / Demulsibility
  • Good Anti-Foam and Air Release Characteristics
  • Protection against Rust and Corrosion
  • High Viscosity Index and Low Pour Point
  • Rubber Compatible
  • Prolonged Equipment Life
Gear Compound Oil ISO 68 – Performance/Specifications:
  • ISO: 12925-1 type CKD
  • DIN: 51517 Pt 3 (CLP)
  • AGMA: 9005 – EO2
  • US Steel: 224
  • David Brown: S1.53.101
Typical Properties: Gear Compound 68 100 150 220 320 460
Kinematic Viscosity
at 40°C, cSt68100150220320460
at 100°C, cSt91115192431
Viscosity Index1079998989897
Pour Point, °C-27-24-21-21-18-10
Flash Point, COC, °C230240240245250260

High Temperature Gear Oil

 Gear Compound Oils Data Sheet