Midlands Lubricants Oil and Grease solutions for all construction requirements:

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, a premium quality own brand supplier and distributor of a complete range of synthetic oil, semi-synthetic oils and High performance Mineral construction oils including: Hydraulic oils, High Viscosity HVI Hydraulic oils, UTTO Transmission Fluid as well as a large range of multi-grade Engine oils and premium Biodegradable oils. Complying with the latest standards our oils and grease will meet all your requirements, enabling you to get the very best performance and efficiency from all your construction equipment.

Excavator, Digger, Backhoe Type Range
Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance policy BER 1400/2002


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Construction Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil Data Sheets – HVI Hydraulic Oils Data Sheets
Construction Engine Oils – 15w40 Engine Oil E9 Low SAPS Data Sheet

Construction Gear Oil – 80w90 EP GL5 Data Sheet

Construction Transmission Fluid – Axle – Differential – Hubs Oil
Construction Antifreeze – Screenwash – Greases – Traffic Film Remover

Midlands Lubricants will always strive to give you the very best price. Our customers use our extensive product range on a wide range of static and non static equipment including, excavators (Hydraulic Oil, grease), bulldozers (Hydraulic / Engine Oil, grease), cranes (Oil, grease), and backhoe loaders (Oil, grease). Midlands Lubricants are here for you to help you choose the very best products for all Construction Oil and lubricant requirements. Our range includes Construction machinery Gear (compound) Oils, multi purpose Lithium Grease and Construction Transmission Oils. Products are blended and laboratory tested with samples retained for full batch traceability. We offer technical support and our products are supported with data sheets if required.

We can make local and national deliveries and offer a next day service for those emergency requirements. Products are packaged and available in: 1000 Ltr (IBC’s) 205 Ltr (Barrels) 25 Ltr (Drums) 5 Ltr & 1 Litre (Bottles).

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