Cutting Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Coolants & other solutions for Metalworking requirements:

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, Supplier & Distributor of premium quality Cutting Oils, Coolants and Industrial Lubrication. We supply Synthetic and Semi Synthetic, mineral based lubrication, oils and fluids that are widely used lubricants for Milling Oil, Grinding oil and general Machine Oil. Midlands Lubricants Ltd, also stock a large range of multi-purpose EP2 greases and Punching, Drawing oils which are also vital to modern manufacturing. Our products actively improve efficiency, act as coolants whilst providing lubrication that prolongs machine and tool life. Complying with the latest codes and standards our oils and greases will meet all your metalworking, tapping and quenching requirements enabling you to get the very best performance and reduced down-time from all your equipment.

“ Competitive prices, prompt delivery & Quality assured.”

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Midlands Lubricants Ltd, based in Redditch, also have an extensive range of products away from the machining environment including Long Life Antifreeze  and cleaners but specialise in coolants and products that transfer heat such as Gear Oils, multi purpose Lithium Grease, Drilling Oils and Blanking Oils.

Midlands Lubricants also has considerable knowledge and experience with supply chains and takes the strain off customers by regularly operating on Kanban systems whilst still providing quality products at competitive prices, why not check out our other product range.

We can make local and national deliveries and offer a next day service for those emergency requirements. Products are packaged and available in: 1000 Ltr (IBC’s) 205 / 208 Ltr (Barrels) 25 / 20 Ltr (Drums)