Longlife Heavy Duty Antifreeze – Heavy Duty Longlife Antifreeze Ready Mixed

Midlands Lubricants is a supplier and distributor of Oils, Lubricants and Heavy Duty Longlife Antifreeze Engine Coolant. Engines are powerful pieces of equipment that require a constant operating temperature. Too hot, and internal components warp and break as the heat causes expansion. Midlands Lubricants offers a complete range for all your coolant requirements combining high and low temperature protection with a fastidious anti-corrosive package that make them suitable for use in a vast range of applications.

Part Number: JD19 Heavy Duty Longlife Antifreeze

Midlands Lubricants Supreme JD19 & JD20 are long life heavy duty antifreeze coolant designed to be used in all weathers and temperatures. It has a vibrant Yellow colour and also includes a excellent 3 year Hybrid OAT packagealong with powerful anti-corrosive properties. Our long life heavy duty coolant matches BASF and John Deere standards for ready mixed coolant.

Performance / Specifications
  • Colour Yellow
  • Concentrate
  • Conforms to BS6580:2010
  • Suitable for standards BASF Glysantin G48
  • Suitable for standards John Deere Cool Guard II (AFNOR NFR 15-601
Also available in ready mixed (Ready to Use) JD20

It’s vital to pick the right concentrate of coolant for your cooling system and the key to making that choice is understanding that a higher concentration is not necessarily better. Due to the fact that crystallisation occurs more easily in homogeneous substances than in substances with a varied chemical make up. The highest levels of freeze production are usually found in a 1:1 or 50% solution of water & coolant. We suggested De-ionised water, water that has been subjected to electrolytic treatment is used for best results.

Available in: 1 litre, 5 litre, 20 litre & 205 litres.