Antifreeze Red Oat Long Life – Red Antifreeze Longlife

Red Antifreeze – OAT Longlife 5 year Red Antifreeze  – Exceeds OEM requirements
  • Red Anti OAT Long Life Price available on request (205 Ltr) 
  • Red Anti OAT Long Life – Concentrate (25 Ltr)

Midlands Lubricants is a supplier and distributor of Oils, Lubricants and a wide range of Antifreeze to meet every eventuality. Midlands Lubricants Longlife Oat Red Antifreeze can be used on All Heavy Duty industrial Equipment as well as Vans, Trucks, various Motor Vehicles, Farm Tractors and other farmyard equipment to stop engines from freezing in the winter.

Product Description:  Midlands Lubricants OAT Longlife Red Antifreeze
BENEFITS: Antifreeze Longlife – Red
  • Exceeds British Standard BS 6580:1992
  • ASTM D3306 type 1 and exceeds the requirements for most motor manufacturers.
  • Excellent Frost Protection down to -36°
  • Borate,phosphate,nitrite,amine free
  • Excellent Corrosion and Rust Protection
  • Non phosphate and non silicate formulation reduces damage from hard water
  • Suitable for Constant (All Year) Use
  • Non-Foaming
CHARACTERISTICS: Antifreeze Longlife – Red
  • Appearance Red
  • Density, @ 20°C 1.125
  • Boiling Point (undiluted) 160°C
    Reserve Alkalinity (0.1M HCl) 5 ml
  • pH Value @ 50% aqueous 7.5
  • Freezing Point, Undiluted -13°C
  • Freezing Point, 25% aqueous, (1:3 ratio is antifreeze to water) -16°C
  • Freezing Point, 33% aqueous, (1:2) -19°C
  • Freezing Point, 40% aqueous, (1:1.5) -24°C
  • Freezing Point, 50% aqueous, (1:1) -36°C
  • Hard Water Compatibility Pass
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