Full Synthetic 2 Stroke Engine Oil – Scooter Engine Oil – Chainsaw

2 Stroke Oil Full Synthetic

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, supplier, distributor of premium quality oils and lubricants including Full Synthetic 2-Stroke Motor Oil. Our 2 stroke full synthetic is an extremely advanced 2-stroke oil specifically formulated for use in higher Revolution Per Minute (RPM) machinery including, Scooters, Chainsaws, High-Speed Strimmers, Pumps and Mowers. Midlands Lubricants Full Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil is formulated from top quality synthetic base oils with high performance additive technology and no minerals so offering better engine performance than semi synthetic 2 stroke Oil. Our Full Synthetic 2 stroke oil is designed to deliver optimum performance, and is also dyed red so that its presence in the petrol mixture is readily apparent.

Product Description – 2 stroke Red Full Synthetic Data Sheet
Midlands Lubricants Full Synthetic 2 stroke Oil (Motorcycle)

Under normal running conditions Full Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is suitable for use at ratios as low as 50:1 parts petrol: oil, or can be used at different ratios as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

  • Excellent Detergency
  • Strong Resistance to Spark Plug Fouling
  • Reduced Piston Crown and Exhaust Port Deposits
  • Outstanding Protection Against Rust

Midlands Lubricants Full Synthetic 2 Stroke Motor Oil meets a range of specification requirements including:

  • API: TC

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