Excavator 15w30 Engine Oil

Super Universal 15w/30 Engine Oil (SUTO)

Product Description:  15w/30 Universal Engine Oil Data Sheet

Midlands Lubricants 15w/30 Excavator Super Universal Engine Oil

Midlands Lubricants Excavator 15w/30 Super Universal Engine Oil is a high quality, high performance engine oil that meets all the lubrication requirements of Excavators and other construction machinery. Midlands Lubricants 15w/30 Super Universal Engine Oil is a multi-grade viscosity oil that spans a wide temperature range and is suitable for use in a variety of Excavator engines including naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel and petrol engines. It is also suitable for use in tractor hydraulic, Excavator Hydraulic and transmission, and wet brake systems as well as gear boxes in all farm machinery. Price available on request, Here to Help 07976 790 761

Blended brand new to order– Quality Assurance Policy BER 1400/2002

Midlands Lubricants Super Universal Engine Oil provides excellent protection under the most strenuous operating conditions and is formulated according to demanding performance requirements. Midlands Lubricants Excavator 15w/30 uses friction modifier additives to provide smooth operation of the wet brake system to prevent squawk and chatter. Midlands Lubricants Excavator 15w/30 also offers the convenience of a single lubricant approach that delivers top performance and avoids the need for stocking of multiple lubricants eliminating the risk of incorrect use in the field. Why not check out our range of complimenting Hydraulic Oils.

  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Suitable for many agricultural machinery requirements
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Low Drag Formulation and reduced Friction
  • Rapid Circulation on Start-up
  • Excellent Anti-wear and potential bearing Corrosion Protection
  • Reduces Oil Inventory
  • Minimises squark and chatter
  • Meets a range of OEM requirements
  • Lower Emissions
  • Resists Black Sludge, lacquer and deposit formation
  • Engine Cleanliness
  • Low Oil Consumption
  • Environmentally friendly low Chlorine Formulation


Midlands Lubricants Excavator 15W-30 is suitable for use in both normally aspirated and turbocharged diesel and petrol engines, transmission systems as well as those fitted with wet brakes, hydraulic systems, oil immersed clutches, gearboxes and final drives. It is suitable for agricultural, plant and off road machinery.


MIL-L-2104C/D, MIL-L-45199B
Caterpillar Series 3
Ford ESN-86A/B,
Ford M2C 159B
Ford M2C 134D
John Deere: JD 303, JD 20A, J20C, J14B
Case: MS 1206
MF: M1139, M1135, M1127A