Midlands Lubricants Lithium Grease EP2

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, based in Redditch have an excellent range of Grease, Lithium Grease & food safe grease meeting every eventuality.

Our most popular Lithium Grease is Non leaded and capable of operating high pressure manufacturing equipment at normal operating temperatures. For Higher temperatures why not check out our Midlands Lubricants Lithium Grease ML/LG range. Midlands Lubricants Lithium Grease offers good rust protection, water resistance along with excellent stability against oxidation. Midlands Lubricants customers use Lithium Grease on various applications and Lithium Grease EP2 is widely used as general Industrial grease, General Agricultural Grease and as a all round General purpose Grease.

Product Description

Midlands Lubricants Lithium Grease EP2


  • Lithium EP 2 greases are multi-purpose
  • Suitable for use in high pressure greasing equipment.
  • Easy to pump, regular and easy flow
  • Used in automatic systems.
  • Lithium EP 2 used as a general Industrial Grease or Automotive lubricant.
  • Can be used for product rationalisation (many applications).
  1. Lithium EP2 Grease Data Sheet
  2. Lithium Complex 2 Grease Data Sheet
Greases for sale are packaged and available in:
  • Containers – 50kg, 12.5kg.
  • Cartridges – 400g with ring pull  – Box of 36 Cartridges 
  • Cartridges – 500g with Screw In – Please call for our latest prices   
  • Midlands Lubricants Lithium Grease EP2 – 50Kgs = 
  • Midlands Lubricants Lithium Grease EP2 – 12.5kgs = 
  • Midlands Lubricants Lithium Grease EP2 – 400g = 
  • Midlands Lubricants EP2 – 500g Screw In Cartridges = 
  • FUCHS EP2 – 500g Screw in Cartridges = 

Also 5th Wheel Grease 12.5Kgs = Also Available – Please call

Food Grade Grease – Anti Seize Products – Release & Lithium and other Grease available 

  • Please call or Email us with your requirements for Food Grade (Food safe) grease, any other Greases and Anti Seize product applications and specifications