Mig Tig Arc Anti Spatter Fluid – Anti Spatter Welding Oil

Mid Lubes – Anti Spatter Wire Feed Lubricant 
Highly refined Low viscosity paraffinic Anti Spatter for use with Mig Tig & Arc Weld equipment.

Anti Spatter Fluid is a highly refined concentrate paraffinic mineral oil with a low viscosity and corrosion inhibiting additives for minimized flash and protection of the work piece of weld spatter. Light in colour and odour it provides excellent user-friendly performance.

Anti Spatter Fluid Suitable for use with Mig, Tig & Arc equipment and prevents spatter on weld Jigs, Weld Torches and Nozzle whilst prolonging tip shroud life. Being able to control application via spraying units promotes economical use, reduces waste and incidents of over application to components.

Application & Benefits of Anti Spatter Welding Oil 
  • High quality narrow cut mineral oil
  • Resistant to oxidation
  • Light coloured
  • Compatible with Mig, Tig and Arc Welding equipment
  • Corrosion inhibitors to minimize flash and prevent rusting
  • Prolongs Tip and Shroud (Nozzle) life
  • Wire feed Lubrication

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