Scaffold Clip Oil – Scaffold Fittings Lubrication

Mid Clip 2082 – Scaffold Easing Clip Oil – Please call for our latest prices

Mid Clip 2082 – Scaffolding lubrication Clip Oil – 20L  (Min order applies)

Mid Clip 2082 – Scaffolding lubrication Clip Oil – IBC, 208 & 205L  

Highly refined paraffinic easing lubricating oil for use in penetrating / Anti-seize in the scaffolding fittings industry. Also available in bulk containers – 

Mid Scaffold Clip Oil 2082 is a highly refined paraffinic mineral oil with a low viscosity and corrosion inhibiting additives for protection and coating of scaffolding joints and components. The product leaves a light film of corrosion protection without drying which enables easy and fast scaffold erecting and removal when required. Light in colour and odour scaffold clip lubrication provides excellent user friendly performance.

Mid Scaffold Clip Oil 2082 Suitable for use on all scaffolding parts it can be applied easily via air mist and hand held spray units without blocking or fouling equipment. Being able to control application via spraying units promotes economical use, reduces waste and incidents of over application to components. Provides excellent long term protection from rust and dirt in and weather or climate conditions.

Application & Benefits of Scaffold fitting Clip Oil 

  • High quality narrow cut mineral oil
  • Resistant to oxidation
  • Light in colour and odour
  • Compatible with common sealing materials
  • Penetrates deep into clips to prevent rusting and seizing
  • Prevents Sticking even in cold temperatures

Typical Data

Mid Scaffold Easing Clip Oil 2082 Characteristic Typical Data

Appearance = Clear pale straw

Viscosity (@40oC) = 8 mm2 /s

Aromatic content = 8 %

Flashpoint (PMOC) 135 oC (min)

Pourpoint -15 oC (max)

Boiling Range between 280 – 320 oC

Specific Gravity (@20oC) =0.793

Low viscosity Scaffold Clip Oil 

Low Viscosity Scaffold Easing Clip Oil