Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil 46 – HFC – Water Glycol Fluid

Mid Safe HFC High Performance Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil 46 

Mid Safe Fire Resistant Hydraulic oil ISO 46 – HFC 620 is a water-glycol synthetic hydraulic fluid of the HFC type. The formulation includes special chemical additives that prevent the forming of rust in the system.

Mid Safe Water Glycol Fire Resistant Hydraulic oil ISO 46 greatly reduces the risk of fire where equipment is operated near hot surfaces, flames or molten metals. It provides a balanced combination of fire resistance and lubrication and is ideal for hydraulic systems subject to long term extremes temperature or risk of fire or explosion.

Application & Benefits of Water Glycol Fire Resistant Hydraulic 46 

  • Excellent lubrication and anti-wear
  • High security against fire and explosion
  • Protection of components and systems
  • Excellent Protection of Valves & Pumps
  • Suitable for use in a wide variety of hydraulic equipment
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect components
  • Suitable for Steel making / Casting or Furnace equipment.
  • Suitable for Mines and many other fields where there is a risk of fire.

Typical Data

Mid Safe Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil ISO 46

Characteristic Typical Data

  • Appearance = Clear Red Liquid
  • Specific gravity @ 15.5oC = 1.09 g/cm3
  • Kinematic Viscosity (@40oC) = 46.00 cSt
  • PH = 9.50
  • Flashpoint = None – Fire Point = None
  • Pourpoint = Below -45 oC
  • Typical Water Content = 40%