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Midlands Lubricants supplier and distributor to local and nationwide customer with a wide range of Compressor oils to meet every eventuality. Below is a guideline of some of our product range all blended brand new to order from virgin base stock.

Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance policy BER 1400/2002

Portable Compressor Oil – Rotary Compressor Oils

Compressor Oil 68 Data Sheet

Compressor Oil 100 SAE 30 Data Sheet

Compressor Oil ISO 46 – Available in IBC, 205 Litre & 25L

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Midlands Lubricants Ltd, Supplier Distributor of premium quality own brand oil and lubricants including Compressor Oil ISO 46. We Supply a range of Compressor Oils designed to lubricate and act as a coolant to the moving parts of modern compressors. Our Compressor Oil ISO 46 protects the rubber seals connection, reducing leakage preventing seizure and loss of productivity. Please check the compressor OEM guidelines prior to purchase as there are huge differences in compressor oil types and you need to be sure to get the proper oil circulation for your compressor. The compressor oil should be pressure and temperature resistant in all operating conditions.

Product Description:

Midlands Lubricants Compressor Oil ISO 46

Midlands Lubricants Compressor Oil 46 – This products is of an ISO viscosity grade 46, Compressor Oil 46 is designed to meet the demands of modern highly rated compressors such as Airbrush etc. Formulated from high quality solvent refined base oils and incorporating the very best and latest additive technology it provides outstanding extreme pressure properties and resistance to oxidation, rust and corrosion. Our Compressor Oil range of products are low deposit forming lubricants with excellent thermal stability, and are recommended for use in both portable and stationary compressors including reciprocating, axial, rotary screw and rotary vane compressors.

  • ISO viscosity grade 46
  • compressor oil
  • High quality solvent refined base oils
  • Outstanding pressure properties
  • Resistance to oxidation, rust and corrosion
  • Excellent thermal stability
Product Description:

Midlands Lubricants Compressor Oil ML/AF

Midlands Lubricants Compressor Oil ML/AF Series is a range of products designed for use in a wide variety of air compressors from rotary screw to piston compressors.

They are blended from very highly refined mineral oils with naturally high viscosity indices and antiwear additives, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors, demulsifiers and metal deactivators all of which combine to form products that provide outstanding service life and component protection, reducing downtime, improving efficiency and productivity.

Midlands Lubricants Compressor Oil ML/AF Series is able to keep internal working surfaces free from deposits which is particularly important for the efficiency of the separator unit which removes oil from the compressed air. The ability of the ML/AF Series to keep deposits to a minimum, coupled with superior rust protection, helps to minimise the risk of air line fires or explosions which can occur when hot compressed air comes into contact with rust particles and carbon deposits.

Performance Levels Midlands Lubricants Compressor Oil AF Series is designed to fulfil the specification for air compressors to DIN 51506 VDL standards.

Product Description:

Midlands Lubricants Compressor Oil ML/RFX

Midlands Lubricants Compressor Oil ML/RFX Series is a range of products designed for the lubrication of refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors.

They are based on very highly refined mineral oils specially selected for their low pour points and very low wax levels.

Midlands Lubricants Compressor Oil ML/RFX Series of lubricants are designed to prevent loss of fluidity and formation of wax deposits at the low temperatures they work at. They have a long oil service life as a result of their outstanding oxidation stability and protect the equipment they operate with by virtue of their excellent corrosion protection characteristics and wear prevention. They also minimise the formation of gums, varnish and other sludge deposits as well as minimising carry-over by being low foaming.


Suitable for use with R12 and ammonia refrigerants. Suitable for use with R22 refrigerant down to -30oC.

Product Description:

Midlands Lubricants Compressor Oil ML/HD20

Midlands Lubricants Compressor Oil ML/HD20 is a high performance oil designed for use in rotary or reciprocating compressors where medium viscosity lubricant is recommended. It is blended from solvent refined mineral oils with suitable additives to meet the specifications given below.


Dark coloured low viscosity liquid.

Service Specification

Midlands Lubricants Compressor oil ML/HD20 meets or exceeds the requirement of:

  • MIL-L-46152

Typical Inspection Data

  • Flash Point 200°C
  • Mid-point viscosity @ 40oC 50 cSt
  • Mid-point viscosity @ 100oC 7.5 cSt

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