A multi-functional, high performance formaldehyde free water Semi Synthetic soluble metalworking fluid

Midcool 3150 Price available on request (208 Litre)

A multi-functional, high performance formaldehyde free water Semi Synthetic soluble metalworking fluid

Midcool 3150 is a next generation high performance, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid formulated for machining and grinding of a wide range of materials. This formulation achieves the highest levels of ferrous rust protection whilst also maintaining low levels of foam even in soft water areas. The product forms a stable translucent micro emulsion in both soft and hard waters and is inhibited against bacterial growth. is free from Formaldehyde as Formaldehyde has now been re-classified as a class 1B Carcinogen and a class 2 mutagen. The product has been developed with next generation novel Amines and Fungicides to provide excellent Bacterial control in the sump

Midcool 3150 has been developed for moderate to difficult machining operations and contains HP (high performance) esters, is free of chlorine and secondary amines. It is suitable for use across a wide range of materials, ferrous, non-ferrous and aerospace alloys.

Midcool 3150 exhibits excellent lubricity characteristics to provide both good tool life and surface finish making the product suitable for a whole variety of machining applications whilst maintaining machine cleanliness and excellent operator acceptability and skin compatibility.

Application & Benefits
  • Reaming
  • Tapping and threading
  • Deep hole drilling and boring
  • Turning
  • Milling & Sawing
  • Grinding
  • General Machining
  • Excellent performance characteristics
  • Contains High EP additives
  • Chlorine free
  • Suitable for ferrous – non ferrous metals, Aluminium and Aerospace performance alloys
  • Suitable for use in hard and soft water
  • High performance in arduous operations
  • Provides excellent flushing and cooling

Typical Operations


8% to 12%

General machining

6% to 8%


8% to 12%


8% to 12%


5% to 10%


3% to 5%

Broaching, sawing

8% to 10%

Turning, milling

6% to 8%


MidCool 3150 – Soluble Cutting Fluid


Typical Data


Typical Data


Amber liquid

IP287 corrosion breakpoint

2% (v/v)



Specific Gravity (@20oC)


Emulsion Appearance


Loadbearing capacity (kg/mm2)

No Data

PH (@ 5% concentration)


Refractometer Conversion Factor


MidCool 3150 is a truly versatile water soluble metalworking fluid that can be used across a diverse range of metals, applications and water hardnesses. The performance parameters of Midcool 3150 make it an ideal candidate product to be used throughout a machine shop as a high performance general purpose coolant and grinding fluid. If further information is required please consult your local agent.

Bio-stability – these products give excellent bio-control maintaining bacteria levels well within the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidelines.

Corrosion inhibition – These products give excellent in process corrosion protection.

Operational Recommendations

Midcool 3150 is designed to be mixed with water; it has been developed to exhibit full multi-metal compatibility and is suitable for use in soft and hard water types.

Midcool 3150 with water by adding concentrate to water and then mixing or use a suitable proportioning mixer unit, these are available on request. The use of an airline to mix the solution is not recommended. Machine top up may require a weaker dilution than the initial machine charge concentration. Recommended concentrations can vary depending on operations, materials, tooling, coolant pressure, coolant flow. The above information is given for guidance. Please contact your representative for further advice.

Midcool 3150 should always be stored indoors and protected from frost. Good standards of hygiene and housekeeping should always be adopted when using any metalworking fluid. A separate MSDS is available for this product.

As with all modern cutting fluids, concentration control is of paramount importance, therefore regular check by use of a refractometer is recommended for this product. It should be noted that the individual product refractometer correction factor should always be used to ensure accuracy.