A multi-functional, high performance water soluble metalworking fluid – 4055

Midcool 4055 – Water Soluble Fluid

A multi-functional, high performance boron, formaldehyde, biocide free water soluble metalworking fluid

Available in 208L please call for our latest price & 20L min 100 litres

Midcool 4055 is the latest in semi-synthetic chlorine free technology offering significant advantages in performance without the use of chlorinated additives. It is inherently low foam and is excellent in soft to hard water. It is suitable for use on a wide range of difficult materials and is a perfect choice for aerospace and high technology manufacturing

Midcool 4055 forms a micro emulsion and therefore offers un-rivalled cutting and wetting performance and can be used in all types of arduous manufacturing applications. The performance additives incorporated into the fluid provides outstanding surface finish on all types of iron, steel, aluminium, titanium and other aerospace alloys. The unique formulation prevents scum and soap formation associated with more reactive materials and can be used across a wide range of filtration / types of filter media systems without causing blinding.

Midcool 4055 is a boron and formaldehyde free formulation and therefore has excellent operator acceptance and overcomes concerns related to the impending regulations concerning formaldehyde release biocides and use of boric acid in metalworking fluids. Although using formaldehyde free biocide coupled with boron free technology (free of boric acid and its derivatives) Midcool 4055 does contain fungicides and special neutralised bio-stable amines, these are important to give the product the stability and sump-life performance required to contain overall fluid costs  

Application & Benefits – Water Soluble Fluid
  • Reaming
  • Tapping and threading
  • Deep hole drilling and boring
  • Heavy Duty Turning
  • Milling & Sawing
  • Broaching
  • Rolling and forming
  • Excellent performance characteristics
  • Contains High EP additives
  • Boron, formaldehyde and chlorine free
  • Suitable for ferrous – non ferrous metals and high performance alloys
  • Suitable for use in hard and soft water
  • Excellent metal forming capabilities
  • Low Foam at high pressure
  • Good levels of boundary lubricity additives

Typical Operations – 4055


4% to 10%

General machining

6% to 8%


8% to 12%


8% to 12%

Threading – tapping

5% to 10%


Metal forming


4% to 12%

Broaching, sawing

8% to 10%

Turning, milling

4% to 6%


MidCool 4055 – Water Soluble Fluid



Typical Data


Typical Data


Amber liquid

IP287 corrosion breakpoint

2% (v/v)



Specific Gravity (@20oC)

No data

Emulsion Appearance


Loadbearing capacity (kg/mm2)

No Data

PH (@ 5% concentration)


Refractometer Conversion Factor



MidCool 4055 is free of boron; boric acid has been given the status of a SVHC (substance of very high concern). Boric acid derivatives are used in a number of water-mix metal working fluids. Although there has been a lot of work to prove that the boric acid derivatives do not contain free boric acid there has been a move in the market to move away from boric acid derivatives in water-mix metal working fluids.

Bio-stability – these products give excellent bio-control maintaining bacteria levels well within the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidelines.

Corrosion inhibition – These products give excellent in process corrosion protection.