Neat Cutting Oil – Pro Cut 32 Chlorine Free Neat Cutting Oil

Pro Cut 32 FSAM – Pro Cut 32 Neat Cutting Oil Data Sheet

  • Neat Cutting Oil 32 – Available in IBC, 208 & 20 litres
  • Neat Cutting Oil 32  – Price on request – Pro Cut 32 
Midlands Lubricants – Chlorine Free Neat Cutting Oil

Midlands Lubricants Pro Cut 32 FSAM is a chlorine free neat cutting oil developed for use on cast iron, steel and alloys across a wide range of machinery. Typical applications include general machining on bar autos and automatic machines, drilling, boring, thread cutting and general machining.

Midlands Lubricants Pro Cut 32 FSAM combines specially selected high performance additives – active sulphur EP, lubricity, antimist and anti- oxidant making it suitable for use on all types of ferrous materials.

Pro Cut 32 FSAM Neat Cutting Oil is a low viscosity product ensuring rapid penetration to the cutting tool / work piece zone to provide maximum flushing of swarf and chippings. Due to the viscosity range of this product it can be used as a general lubricating oil where cross leakage can occur from other applications on the machine tool.

Other Neat Cutting Fluid Range 

Directions for use

  1. Shelf life 3 years from date of manufacture
  2. Designed to be used as supplied and is safe to use on most metals.
  3. Store sealed in a cool dry place between 5°C and 30°C material should always be stored indoors and protected from extremes of temperature.
  4. For guidance on handling and disposal please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet

Pro Cut 32 FSAM – Neat Cutting Oil

Characteristics Typical Data Characteristics Typical Data
Viscosity @40oC32 cstEsterYes
Specific Gravity0.877SulphurYes