EP Neat Cutting and Grinding Oil for Copper and Brass – Low Viscosity ISO 12

Midcut 2129 – EP ISO 12

Extreme Pressure – EP Neat Cutting and Grinding Oil for Copper and Brass – Low Viscosity

Midcut 2129 – Available in 208L price available on request & 20 litre – min 100 litres

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Midcut 2129 is an extreme pressure low viscosity oil developed for use on steel and non-ferrous alloy metals in a wide range of high pressure and performance machining applications. The product is designed for severe duty general machining and grinding including deep hole boring, drilling, heavy duty turning, milling and gear manufacturing of ferrous and non ferrous materials.

Midcut 2129 is based on synthetic base oils and advanced synthetic esters combined with high performance inactive sulphur EP and lubricity additives. The product also contains anti-oxidant additives to extend the life of this high performance neat cutting oil.

Midcut 2129 can will give a number of benefits when machining particularly difficult materials e.g. Copper and Brass on sliding head machine tools, (Star, Citizen, Index). Due to the products low viscosity reduced drag out and therefore consumption can be greatly reduced without compromising on machining performance. In addition to those benefits described the machine speeds and feeds can be increased which reduces the time taken to complete production runs – which frees machine time to increase machining capacity. Midcut 2129 can be used for all forms of grinding, is suitable for use as a lubricating oil where a viscosity grade of ISO 12 is acceptable.  

Application & Benefits
  • Low Viscosity and Low drag Machining
  • High Flash Point
  • Low Mist & Low odour
  • Multi Metal capabilities
  • Auto Machining and Grinding
  • Improved tool life and surface finish
  • Deep Boring, Drilling & Heavy Duty Turning
  • Synthetic base oil and high performance synthetic ester
  • Anti Oxidant additives
  • Suitable for non ferrous metals

MidCut 2129


Typical Data


Typical Data


Light Red





Specific Gravity (@20oC)

No Data


12 mm 2/s

Loadbearing capacity (kg/mm2)

No Data




Yes – inactive

MidCut 2129 Has a shelf life of 3 years. Designed to be used as supplied and is safe to use on most metals. It is inhibited to prevent staining of copper based alloys.

Store sealed in a cool dry place between 5°C and 30°C material should always be stored indoors and protected from extremes of temperature.

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