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Midlands Lubricants – Mid Forge 4000

Mid Forge 4000 Stamping Oil Data Sheet

A Graphite free synthetic water based forging lubricant.

Mid Forge 4000 is a high performance synthetic graphite free die lubricant designed for the hot forging of heavy duty ferrous and non ferrous components. The product gives excellent lubrication and release at high dilution rates when hot forging on presses and hammers. The product is formulated to give superior wetting performance at high temperatures giving good metal flow.

Mid Forge 4000 combines specially selected additives to give superior part release and ejection after the part has been formed. When in use, evidence of residues (white powder) are dramatically reduced and any can be easily removed by water to improve die and bolster conditions and promote a better working environment for operators.

Mid Forge 4000 can be mixed readily with water to form a solution and therefore the need for consistent agitation is not required, unlike dispersion type products. The product formulation is designed to be sprayed but can also be applied by swab.

Application & Benefits
  • Hot metal forgings, ferrous and non ferrous
  • Hubs, track parts, con-rods, chains, wheels, axles
  • Forms smooth coating on billets and dies
  • Full accurate filling of dies
  • Reduces wear on tools and dies
  • Gives ‘explosive’ release
  • Can be diluted to required performance level
Direction of use 
  • Mix with site water to form stable solution
  • Recommended 5:1 or 10:1 application to benchmark requirement, adjusted if required depending on severity of application or complexity of form
  • Apply by automatic or hand held spray or by swab

 Mid Forge 4000

Characteristics Typical Data Characteristics Typical Data
AppearanceSlightly hazy liquidSolid Content32 – 34%
ColourGreenSpecific Gravity (@20oC)1.176
PH (neat)9.8Loadbearing capacity (kg/mm2)N/A
 Graphite Free

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