Heat Transfer Oil – HTO

Heat Transfer Oil 32 – 46 – 68 – 100

MIDTRANS Heat Transfer Oils

Midlands Lubricants is a premium quality supplier and distributor of various industrial oil and lubricants including Heat Transfer Oil.

Heat Transfer Oils (HTO) are high quality heat transfer fluids based on highly refined mineral oils. Our MidTrans HTO oils are suitable for use in heat transfer systems requiring a heat transfer fluid in the liquid phase. In operating systems the product will perform within temperature ranges between -5°C and 360°C. 
Heat Transfer Oils also contain additives to prevent rust and corrosion as well as anti-foam additives that encourage the release and the formation of air bubbles or foam that can reduce effectiveness.

Applications & Benefits

  • Systems between –5 and 360°
  • High quality solvent refined mineral Oil with low aromatic content
  • Good stability with low vapour pressure
  • Long life oxidation resistance
  • Excellent heat transfer properties

Operational Recommendations

Midland Lubricants MidTrans Heat Transfer Oil (HTO oils) are normally used as supplied.

Heat Transfer Oils should always be stored indoors and protected from extremes of temperature. Good standards of hygiene and housekeeping should always be adopted when using any industrial oils.