Slideway Oil 460 – Tool Slide Oil 460

Slideway Oil 460

  • Slideway ISO 460 – Available in (IBC, 205L & 25L)
  • Slideway 460 – Volume Discount Prices

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, own brand supplier distributor of best quality Slideway Oil ISO 460. The Slideway Oil 460 we sell plays an extremely important role in ensuring that the feed is accurately positioned and there is also accurate efficient feed to the workpiece.

Midlands Lubricants Slideway Oils are so called as they provide lubrication Oil to Machine tool slides, Machining Tables and Machine feed mechanisms. Our Slideway Oils provide excellent lubrication even on micro feed machines even when pressures are high. This excellent lubrication provides our customers smooth traverse without judder or ripples so avoiding scrap components. Midlands Lubricants Slideway Oils 460 also provide excellent Anti-wear proprieties for equipment reliability whilst maintaining machining accuracy.

Product Description:  Midlands Lubricants Slideway Oil 460 

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