Mould Release Agent – Concrete Mid Mould Release VG 7

Concrete Mid Mould 7 release agent

  • Concrete Mould Release Agent Mid Mould ISO VG 7 – Available in IBC, 208 & 20 Litres
  • Concrete Mould Release Agent Mid Mould ISO VG 7 – Price available on request
Concrete Mould Release Agent Oil – Mid Mould Release Agent ISO 7 Data Sheet

Mid Mould 7 is a general purpose mould release agent and is based on a blend of low viscosity oils. It is suitable for use on but not limited to Concrete, wood, steel, and aluminium stuttering and moulds.

Mid Mould 7 has been formulated using highly refined mineral oils together with additives to give excellent release characteristics together with an enhanced surface finish.

Mid Mould 7 is a excellent mould release agent that can be used as a wipe, sponge or spray. Our mould release agent coating can be used to prevent surface bonding on concrete mould forms as well as wood and various other materials.

Application & Benefits
  • Release agent for moulding of concrete forms
  • Used on a wide variety of shuttering
  • Wood Shuttering / Moulds
  • Steel Shuttering / Moulds
  • Aluminium Shuttering / Moulds
  • Combines excellent lubricity and release agent
  • Contains release additives
  • High flash point
  • Formulated for use on a variety of material moulds
  • Light colour
  • Provides an excellent surface finish
  • Easy separation from the mould

Mid Mould Release agent 7

Characteristics Typical Data Characteristics Typical Data
AppearanceAmberViscosity at 40°C7 cst
Flash Point140°CSpecific Gravity (@20°C)0.85
Mid Mould 7 Directions for use 
  • 3 year shelf life from manufacture.
  • Designed to be used as supplied and is safe to use on most surfaces.
  • Store in a cool dry place between –5°C and 30°C, material should always be stored indoors and protected from extremes of temperature.
  • For guidance on handling and disposal please refer to the material safety data sheet