Pro Cut E 22F – Environmentally Friendly Cutting Oil – Chlorine Free – Sulphur Free

Pro Cut Environmental 22 F Neat Cutting Oil

Midlands Lubricants own brand supplier and distributor of premium quality oil and lubricants including Pro Cut E 22F – Environmentally Chlorine and Sulphur free neat cutting oil

Midlands Lubricants Pro Cut E 22 F is an environmentally friendly chlorine and sulphur free neat cutting oil developed for use on ferrous and non-ferrous materials across a wide range of machinery. Typical applications include general machining on bar autos and automatic machines, drilling, turning and milling.

Midlands Lubricants Pro Cut E 22 F combines specially selected high performance environmental additives – lubricity esters, anti-mist and anti- oxidant making it suitable for use on all types of steel and non-ferrous materials.

Pro Cut Environmental 22 F is a low viscosity product and is an excellent choice for use on CNC sliding head lathes where manufacturers require a flexible option for high performance machining with good lubrication minimum product drag out. The products low viscosity ensures rapid penetration to the cutting tool / work piece zone where a viscosity grade of ISO 22 is required.

Pro Cut E 22 F Enviro Neat Cutting Oil Data Sheet

Application & Benefits
  • Drilling and Boring
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Medium duty machining
  • Ferrous and Non Ferrous materials
  • General purpose oil where specified
  • Excellent Environmental characteristics
  • Contains NO Sulphur or Chlorine
  • Contains Anti-mist additive
  • Anti oxidant formulation to maximise oil life
  • Formulated on high quality mineral oil
  • Light Colour
  • Excellent finish properties
  • Can be recycled using our recovery service
Performance Specifications:

Pro Cut Environmental 22 F Neat Cutting Oil

Characteristics Typical Data Characteristics Typical Data
Viscosity @40oC22 cstEsterYes
Specific Gravity0.873SulphurNo