What Oil Filter – Fuel Filter – Hydraulic Filter – Air Filter

Have you ever asked what oil filter, fuel filter, hydraulic filter or air filter I need for my Car, Truck, Tractor, Excavator, Digger or Crane etc?

Well, for most lubricated machines, there are a few options when it comes to choosing the correct filter you require. Midlands Lubricants can supply filters manufactured using advanced filter technology and the latest developments in production machinery to supply a cost effective product. All our filters go through a detailed quality system and conform to ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Fuel Filters

Midlands Lubricants Fuel filters cover modern fuel injection systems that require extremely clean fuel free from foreign partials such as dust or rust etc that can get into the fuel and needs to be filtered out. Midlands Lubricants Fuel filter ranges covers Spin On, Cartridges, Ecological Metal Free and Inline filter covering many applications (just use our oil finder for cross reference and prices) 

  • High quality Filters that offer excellent reliable engine protection
  • Removes unwanted particles from the fuel system
  • Prolongs the engine life reducing the fuel consumption & exhaust gas levels
  • Filters for sophisticated diesel injection systems, common rail or pump injectors

Oil Filters – Hydraulic Filters

Midlands Lubricants Oil filters cover the conditions of modern internal combustion engines allowing our oil to constantly lubricate the moving parts of the engine or hydraulic systems with oil maintained at the necessary level of cleanliness. Midlands Lubricants Oil filters clean the oil from dirt or solid particles such as dust, carbon deposits or soot particles. Midlands Lubricants Oil / Hydraulic filter range covers a vast variety including Spin On, Ecological Metal Free and Cartridges with the latest development techniques for long filter life applicable machines that use high spec or fully synthetic motor oils (just use our oil finder for cross reference and prices)

Air Filters

Midlands Lubricants Air filters optimise clean air intake which is one of the most important conditions for optimal engine power, minimised pollutant emissions and low fuel consumption. Midlands Lubricants Air filters are designed to filter particles that might be harmful such as dust, pollen, sand or even water droplets. We offer a high quality air filter range (just use our oil finder for cross reference and prices) that we suggest you change regular in accordance to the manufactures recommendations. Midlands Lubricants offer a full range of air filters from light commercial such as radial seal, metal end cap filters to passenger car air filters such as PU filters, PP filters, Panel Filters all in various shapes, size and types.

  • Unique pleating technique for maximum utilisation
  • Longer filter life expectancy
  • More dust and particles holding capacity
  • Helps reduce engine wear on components (combustion chamber, sensors, electronic components etc.

Cabin Filters

Due to global traffic and worsening pollution levels we are exposed to many more pollutants that can enter vehicles through air conditioning and heating systems. To address the consumer requirements Midlands Lubricants offer a wide range of filters applicable for cars, vans and trucks etc that use multi layered synthetic properties to repel moisture and trap harmful particles down to the smallest at only 0.3 micron. Regular replacement of cabin filters can also extend the useful lifetime of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

  • Use Multilayered synthetic media to repel moisture and harmful particles
  • Cabin filters with active carbon keep harmful exhaust fumes outside the cab
  • Prevents high ozone concentrations and unpleasant smells outside

We can supply Filters for:  Cross Reference Include

  • A.M.C Fliters
  • AC Filters
  • Acdelco Filters
  • Alfa Romeo Filters
  • Allis Chalmefalco Filters
  • AF Filters
  • AP Filters
  • Ashika Filters
  • Atlas Copco Filters
  • Aveling Barfcalco Filters
  • Baldwin Filters
  • Blue Print Filters
  • BMW Filters
  • Bobcat Filters
  • Bomag Filters
  • Bosch Filters
  • Brigs & Strat Filters
  • Bryco Filters
  • C.A.V Filters
  • Case Filters
  • Caterpillar Filters
  • Champion Filters
  • Chevrolet Filters
  • Chrysler Filters
  • Citroen Filters
  • Claas Filters
  • Clark Equipment Filters
  • Clean Filters
  • Coles Filters
  • Comline Filters