2 Stroke Semi Synthetic – 2 Stroke Mower Engine Oil

Product Description – Mower Engine Oil

Midlands Lubricants 2 Stroke Semi Synthetic

Midlands Lubricants is a supplier and distributor of lubrication products to individuals and companies alike supplying 2 stroke oil both locally and nationwide. Midlands Lubricants 2 Stroke mower engine oil is formulated from top quality solvent refined mineral base oils with additive technology designed to deliver optimum performance. All our oils are blended brand new to order from virgin base stock.

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Under normal running conditions Super 2-Stroke Oil is suitable for use at ratios as low as 50:1 parts petrol to oil, or sometimes can be used in different ratios but please read what is recommended by the equipment manufacturer before purchase or just give us a call at your convenience.


  • Excellent Detergency
  • Strong Resistance to Spark Plug Fouling
  • educed Piston Crown and Exhaust Port Deposits
  • Excellent at reducing Engine Wear
  • Reduced Pre-Ignition
  • Offers outstanding Protection Against Rust


  • API: TC/FB
  • MIL-L-2104B