Full Synthetic Universal Transmission Oil – UTTO – Wet Brakes meets WB 101 & WB 102

Optimal Performance Full Synthetic Universal Transmission Oil – Meets / suitable for Volvo WB 101 & 102 Wet Brakes

  • Optimal performance Full Synthetic Wet Brakes UTTO 
  • Optimal performance Full Synthetic Wet Brakes UTTO – Available in various sizes.
Product Description

Universal Transmission Oil is a fully synthetic formulated for use in the transmission and hydraulic systems of Diggers, Tractors etc as well as some commercial plant vehicles with wet brake systems.

Fully Synthetic UTTO Transmission Fluid is a low viscosity oil designed to excellent long drain performance in a wide range of vehicles. Improved Anti-squark with friction modifier additives to provide smooth operation of the wet brake system and final drives. It is suitable for use in tractor hydraulic, transmission, and wet brake systems as well as gear boxes and final drives in agricultural and construction machinery. 

Fully Synthetic UTTO Hydro/Trans also provides excellent protection under the most arduous operating conditions and is formulated according to the most demanding performance requirements. ** Volume Discount prices

  • Reduces Brake Chatter and Squawk
  • Provides Outstanding Gear Anti Wear Protection
  • Meets the latest OEM requirements
  • Excellent at low temperature and Oxidation stability

Fully Synthetic Universal Transmission Oil meets a comprehensive range of international performance and specification requirements including:

  • Case: MS 1206, MS 1207, MS 1209, MS 1210
  • Case New Holland MAT 3525, MAT 3540, MAT 3526, MAT 3505
  • John Deere: JD20A, JD20B, JD20C, JD20D
  • Ford: M2C134A-D, M2C86-B
  • Massey-Ferguson: M1145, M1143, M1141, M1135
  • New Holland: NH 410B & NH 420A
  • Valtra: G2-08
  • API: GL4
  • Allison: C-4 – Kubota Super UDT, UDT
  • Caterpillar: TO-2
  • ZF: TE-ML 03E, 05F, 06K, 17E, 21F
  • Volvo: WB 102 (97304) & WB 101 (97303) Wet Brakes
  • Komatsu AXO08
Typical Properties:
  • Density, g.cm-3 @ 15.6°C = 0.858
  • Flash Point, COC = 225°C
  • Pour Point = -48,°C
  • Viscosity
  • Kinematic, 40°C = 39.8 cSt
  • Kinematic, 100°C = 7.8 cSt
  • Viscosity Index 171
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