10w/30 Engine Oil CJ-4 E9 E12 – 10w/30 Full Synthetic Low SAPS

10w/30 CJ4 E9 E12 Low SAPS – Full Synth Multi Grade Engine Oil 

10w30 CJ4 E9 – E12 Low SAPS Data Sheet

  • 10w/30 CJ-4 Full Synthetic Engine Oil – Please call for our latest prices
  • 10w/30 CJ-4 Full Synthetic Engine Oil – Premium Quality  – Best Prices
  • 10w/30 CJ-4 Full Synthetic Engine Oil – Multiple Product Discount Prices
  • 10w/30 CJ-4 Full Synthetic Engine Oil –  (5 Ltr) 4 per box
  • 10w/30 CJ-4 Full Synthetic Engine Oil –  (1 Ltr) 12 per box

10w/30 CJ-4 E9 E12 Low SAPS – Product Description

Midlands Lubricants premium quality 10w/30 full synthetic CJ4 E9 E12 is a high performance multi-grade engine oil incorporating advanced additive technology in superior synthetic base stock. 10w/30 CJ4 designed for the very latest Euro VI engines with lower viscosity to give greater FE than the 10w40.

Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance policy BER 1400/2002
10w/30 Multi Grade Engine Oil CJ-4        FEATURES / BENEFITS
  • Good protection against ring sticking at high temperatures, maintaining oil performance whilst minimising oil consumption and emissions
  • Very high standard of engine cleanliness
  • Excellent sludge control protection
  • Long lasting dispersant, anti-wear and corrosion protection
  • Good high and low temperature performance
  • API: CJ-4
  • ACEA: E4-12, E6-12, E7-12, E9-12
  • MB: 228.31, 228.51
  • VOLVO – VDS-4
  • Caterpillar: ECF-3
  • MAN M3477/M3575/M3271-1
  • MTU type 3.1/2.1
  • Sciania Low ash
  • Cummins CES 20081 JASO DH-2
  • Total Base Number (TBN) 11 mgKOH.g-1
  • Density, g.cm-3 @ 15.5°C 0.877
  • Flash Point, COC 204°C Pour Point -30°C
  • Viscosity Kinematic, 40°C 80 cSt
  • Kinematic, 100°C 11.5 cSt
  • Viscosity Index 140
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