SAE 30 Transmission Fluid – SAE 30 Transmission Oil – TO4 – Caterpillar suitable Transmission Fluid

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Midlands Lubricants Ltd, premium quality own brand supplier based in Redditch, have an extensive Transmission Oil and Steering fluid (Steering fluid is thicker as it has to endure more heat) range of products. Midlands Lubricants SAE 30 Transmission Fluid is blended to enabling good friction control, torque converter, Brake band friction and a consistent gear change performance, while still providing engine optimisation on an extremely wide range of Caterpillar and heavy duty vehicles.

  • Engine and Transmission Service Oil, blended brand new to order from virgin base stock, covered by quality assurance BER 1400/2002 certificate for warranties.

Midlands Lubricants SAE 30 Transmission Oil is a high quality mono-grade Oil designed to meet the requirements of Caterpillar transmissions and drives. SAE 30 Transmission Oil is formulated from solvent refined paraffinic base oils and high performance additives to provide excellent frictional characteristic together with high anti-wear and extreme pressure performance. Midlands Lubricants SAE 30 Transmission Fluid is recommended for a wide range of lubrication applications, such as powershift and hydrostatic transmissions, final drives and hydraulic systems in vehicles where Caterpillar TO-4 and/or Allison C4 performance is specified. Why not check out our fantastic range of Hydraulic Oils that work in conjunction with Transmission Oil

Product Description:       SAE 30 Transmission Data Sheet

Midlands Lubricants SAE 30 Transmission Oil

  • Excellent Frictional Characteristics for Optimum Powershift
  • Transmission Performance
  • Good Anti-Wear and Corrosion Protection
  • High Resistance to Oxidation for Long Life Lubrication
  • SAE 30 meets a comprehensive range of international performance and Specification requirements including:
  • Caterpillar TO-4
  • Allison C4
SAE 30 Transmission Fluid Typical Properties:
  1. Density, @ 15°C 0.895
  2. Flash Point, COC 225°C
  3. Pour Point -25°C
  4. Viscosity Kinematic, 40°C 105 cSt
  5. Kinematic, 100°C 12 cSt
  6. Viscosity Index >90
SAE 30 Transmission Fluid Profile:
  • Caterpillar TO-4
  • Allison C4

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