Dozer Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Transmission Oil

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, supplier distributor of own premium quality oils and lubricants including Bulldozer Engine Oil, Bulldozer Hydraulic Oil and Transmission Oil for Bulldozers and various other construction equipment. The term Bulldozer or “dozer” refers only to a tractor shaped vehicle, usually tracked, fitted with a dozer blade, a substantial metal plate used to push large quantities of earth, soil or other material. Selecting the right oil is vitally important for optimum performance and efficiency, and we have the very best oil blended new, to keep your Bulldozer in top working order as we understand the cost of lost production.

  1. Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance Policy BER 1400/2002. 
  2. Better Viscosity Index than Brand Name Oil suppliers.
  3. Improved Viscosity Index, stops the Oil becoming thin at high temperature, lasting longer.
  4. Extreme Pressure (EP) Oils that bond to prevent touching at high pressure prolonging life.
  5. Anti-foam agents.
  6. Brand match Laboratory tested Oils with full batch traceability. 
  7. AGRI and Heavy plant service Oil delivered straight to the Garage of your choice.  
  8. We can provide you with a suitable Filter    
Bulldozer Hydraulic Oil – Hydraulic Oil Data Sheets
Bulldozer Transmission Oil – Universal Transmission Oil Data Sheet
Bulldozer Engine Oils – 15w40 Engine Oil E9 Low Sap Data Sheet
 Bulldozer Antifreeze – Screenwash – Greases – Traffic Film Remover

Popular Bulldozers: Midlands Lubricants suggestion of our own brand are equivalents and suitable for Bulldozers we do not represent manufacturer or Trademark if you cannot find what you are looking for please call or email.