LHM Suspension – Hydro Pneumatic Transmission – Power Steering Fluid

LHM Power Steering, Transmission & Torque Fluid – Hydro pneumatic suspension fluid

Midlands Lubricants own brand supplier and distributor both local and nationwide of LHM Fluid – Suitable for Hydro – pneumatic suspensions, Power Steering, Brakes, Torque Converters and Transmissions. 

Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance policy BER 1400/2002
  • LHM Suspension Power Steering Fluid – Volume Discount Prices
  • LHM Suspension Power Steering Fluid – Available in various sizes
  • LHM Suspension Power Steering Fluid – (1 Ltr) Box of 12 – (5 Ltr) Box of 4
  • Delivery – 2 boxes or more about 25.00 (most Local areas England / Wales)
LHM Suspension Power Steering Fluid Data Sheet

LHM – Product Description – Hydropneumatic suspension

Midlands Lubricants LHM TransmissionFluid, Power Steering Fluid is a advanced mineral based fluid with anti-wear additives and viscosity index improver. Meets ISO 7308 and Citroen B71 2710. Compatible with other LHM and LHM Plus fluids meeting Citroen B712710. A blend of highly refined mineral oils, anti-wear/lubricity additives and viscosity index improver.


  • High oxidation and thermal stability
  • Excellent fluidity at sub-zero temperatures
  • Suitable for Transmissions, Torque convertors, Power steering, and General hydraulic systems


  • Suitable for certain Farm Tractors, Agricultural equipment & Heavy Industry.
  • Suitable for certain Citroën, Peugeot, Rolls Royce & Bentley models.
  • Citroën, 2 CV6 (models with front disk brakes), DS, GS, GSA, BX, CX, Xantia and XM.
  • Suitable for certain industrial equipment requiring anti-wear properties
  • PSA B71 2710


  • Colour Green
  • Density, g.ml-3 @ 15°C 0.851
  • Flash Point, COC, 170°C
  • Pour Point -59°C
  • Viscosity Kinematic @ 40°C 19 cSt