Engine Oil 10w/40 Semi Synthetic – 10w/40 Motorcycle Oil with JASO MA anti slip

10w/40 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil – Available in various sizes

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Product Description:  10w40 Semi Synthetic Data Sheet

Midlands Lubricants Engine Oil 10w/40 Engine Oil – Semi Synthetic A3, B3, B4

Midlands Lubricants premium quality 10w/40 is a specially formulated semi-synthetic engine oil specially blended with the JASO MA anti slip additives and meeting stringent European performance specifications for turbo charged and naturally aspirated petrol and diesel engines working under normal and arduous conditions.

  • 10w/40 Semi Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil with JASO MA 
  • 10w/40 Semi Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil with JASO MA – Multiple Product Discount Prices
  • Motorcycle oil with JASO MA anti slip formula 
Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance policy BER 1400/2002
  • Excellent High and Low Temperature Performance
  • High Temperature Protection against Ring Sticking High Levels of Engine Cleanliness
  • Ensured Oil Performance and Reduced Consumption
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency Long-Lasting Dispersant and Anti-Wear Performance
  • Good Corrosion Protection
  • Low Emissions
  • API: SL/CF
  • ACEA: A3, B3, B4
  • VW: 500.00, 505.00
  • MB: 227.5, 229.1
  • JASO MA  (optional extra)
  • Total Base Number (TBN) 10 mgKOH/g
  • Specific Gravity, 15°C 0.884 g/cm3
  • Flash Point, COC 214 °C
  • Viscosity Kinematic, 40°C 98 cSt
  • Kinematic, 100°C 14.0 cSt
  • Viscosity Index 155
  • Pour Point -47°C

Midlands Lubricants Engine Oil 10w/40 Semi synthetic A3, B3, B4 is designed for riders of high-powered performance bikes who enjoy getting the very best from their bikes when pushing them to the limit and demanding excellent performance, but require the ultimate in protection and cleanliness.  A synthetic based premium oil, exceeding highest international specifications and motorcycle manufacturers’ requirements.


  • Maximum shear stability to help resist viscosity shear.
  • Exceptional thermal stability to help resist oxidation and high-temperature degradation
  • Outstanding protection against wear of engine and transmission components
  • Optimised wet-clutch performance.
  • Excellent low temperature flow characteristics to help minimize engine wear during start-up

SPECIFICATIONS:  10w/40 Fully Synthetic with JASO MA2

10w/40 Full Synthetic Motorcycle meets or exceeds the performance requirements of:
ACEA: A3, B3,B4

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