Lithium Greases – Lithium Complex Grease

Midlands Lubricants Ltd is a premium grease supplier and distributor that offers a complete range of High performance, Bio Degradable and bespoke greases at the very best discount prices.

Midland Lubricants have an extensive range of products blended greases to meet virtually all lubrication and grease requirements enabling excellent anti wear protection while still providing equipment optimisation at a extremely wide range of temperatures.

  1. Lithium EP2 Grease Data Sheet
  2. Lithium Complex 2 Grease Data Sheet
Greases for sale are packaged and available in:
  • Containers – 180kg, 50kg, 12.5kg, and 3kg.
  • Cartridges – 400g with ring pull  – Lithium EP2 & – EP2 Complex Box of 36

Major users of Grease

Lithium Grease EP2  Box of 36 Each per 400g

  • Use: various / general – Box of 36
  • Efficiency: Excellent anti wear protection
  • Corrosion and Oxidation: Good
  • Working temperature: wide

Lithium Complex Grease EP2   400g Cartridge

  • Use: various / general
  • Efficiency: Soap structure, Excellent life span
  • Corrosion and Oxidation: Good
  • Working temperature: Works at high temperature 

Midlands Lubricants also has considerable knowledge and experience with supply chains and take the strain off customers by regularly operating on Kanban systems whilst still providing quality General Grease products at competitive prices (consistently better priced than eBay and Amazon) including Agricultural Grease, Automotive Grease, Bus and Truck Grease along with Marine &  Rail Grease.

Food Grade Grease – Anti Seize Products – Release & other Grease available 

  • Please call or Email us with your requirements for Food Grade (Food safe) grease, any other Greases and Anti Seize product applications and specifications