Mid Sol D44 – Soluble Cutting Oil 44 – Chlorine Free SUDS

Mid Sol D44  – Durable Soluble Cutting Oil 44 – Mid Sol D44 EP – Chlorine Free
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Soluble Cutting Oil D44 – A high oil content durable soluble oil metalworking fluid

Mid Sol D44 – durable Soluble cutting oil 44 is a excellent boron and chlorine free high oil containing metal process fluid which produces a milky white emulsion when diluted in water. The product is compounded to form a stable emulsion in both hard and soft water from 0ppm to 500ppm and is highly inhibited against bacterial growth.

Mid Sol D44 – Soluble cutting oil 44 has been highly developed to exhibit full multi-metal compatibility and is suitable for economical use on a wide variety of machining applications and has outstanding anti-corrosion properties

Mid Sol D44 – Soluble cutting oil 44 exhibits excellent lubricity characteristics, making the product suitable for a whole variety of machining applications whilst maintaining machine cleanliness and operator acceptability. suitable for both ferrous & non ferrous metals

Soluble cutting Oil – Application & Benefits
  • Reaming
  • Tapping and threading
  • Deep hole drilling and boring
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Centreless grinding
  • Rolling and forming
  • Excellent performance characteristics
  • Free of Chlorine, Sulphur and Phosphorous EP additives
  • Boron free
  • Suitable on Steel, Aluminium, Titanium and Nickel
  • Suitable for use in hard and soft water
  • High performance in arduous operations
  • Suitable in Hard or Soft Water
                       Typical Operations – Soluble cutting oil 44
Drilling, boring8% to 10%General machining5% to 10%
Reaming8% to 10%Centreless grinding5% to 10%
Threading,tapping8% to 10%Metal forming5% to 12%
Broaching, sawing8% to 10%Turning, milling5% to 7%
                             Mid Sol D44 – Soluble cutting oil 44
CharacteristicsTypical DataCharacteristicsTypical Data
AppearanceAmber liquidIP287 corrosion breakpoint3% (v/v)
OdourBlandSpecific Gravity (@20oC)0.90
Emulsion AppearanceMilky WhiteLoadbearing capacity (kg/mm2)1.050
PH (@ 5% concentration)9.3Refractometer Conversion Factor1

Mid Sol d44 – Soluble cutting oil 44 is free of boron & Chlorine; boric acid has been given the status of a SVHC (substance of very high concern). Boric acid derivatives are used in a number of water-mix metal working fluids. Although there has been a lot of work to prove that the boric acid derivatives do not contain free boric acid there has been a move in the market to move away from boric acid derivatives in water-mix metal working fluids.

Bio-stability – these products give excellent bio-control maintaining bacteria levels well within the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidelines.

Corrosion inhibition – These products give equivalent corrosion protection, or better than boron containing products.

Soluble cutting oil 44 – Operational Recommendations

Mid Sol D44 – Soluble cutting oil 44 is designed to be mixed with water; it has been developed to exhibit full multi-metal compatibility and is suitable for use in soft and hard water types.

Mix emulsions of Mid Sol D44 with water by adding concentrate to water and then mixing or use a suitable proportioning mixer unit, these are available on request. The use of an airline to mix the solution is not recommended. Machine top up may require a weaker dilution than the initial machine charge concentration. Recommended concentrations can vary depending on operations, materials, tooling, coolant pressure, coolant flow. The above information is given for guidance. Please contact your representative for further advice.

Mid Sol D44 should always be stored indoors and protected from frost. Good standards of hygiene and housekeeping should always be adopted when using any metalworking fluid. A separate MSDS is available for this product.

As with all modern cutting fluids, concentration control is of paramount importance, therefore regular check by use of a refractometer is recommended for this product. It should be noted that the individual product refractometer correction factor should always be used to ensure accuracy.

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