Mid Form 149 – General Drawing Oil – Stamping Oil – Forming Oil – Multi Purpose Blanking Oil

Mid Form 149 – Drawing Oil – Stamping Oil (Min 100 Litres)

  • Mid Form 149 – Drawing Oil, Blanking Oil, Stamping Oil & Forming Oil
  • Available in IBC, 208 & 20 Litres
  • Mid Form 149 – Drawing Oil, Blanking Oil, Stamping Oil & Forming Oil
  • Price available on Request
Midlands Lubricants own brand supplier and distributor of premium quality oil and lubricants including  Mid Form 149 
A Low viscosity chlorinated neat oil for drawing, stamping and forming. 

Mid Form 149 is a light coloured neat drawing, stamping or forming compound. It has low to medium viscosity and is suitable for many applications and a wide range of alloys including Steel, Stainless Steel and non ferrous metals.

Mid Form 149 is been developed and formulated with high levels of extreme pressure and lubricity additives in a highly refined mineral oil base.

Mid Form 149 is designed for use on a broad range of alloys and has superior EP and lubricity and is highly recommended for Stamping, Drawing, Blanking, Roll forming and other Cold head operations.

Application & Benefits – Mid Form 149 Stamping Drawing or Blanking Oil Data Sheet
  • Drawing and Stamping
  • Fine Blanking
  • Swaging
  • Cold Heading and Roll Forming
  • High EP and Lubricity properties
  • Low viscosity so can be applied by Spray, Roller or Dip methods
  • Spreads easily and evenly to cover the complete surface of the blank
  • Completely Stable
  • Suitable for non Ferrous metals and alloys including Steel, Stainless Steel Deep Drawing and Stamping

 Blanking Oil – Drawing Oil – Stamping Oil – Mid Form 149

Characteristics Typical Data Characteristics Typical Data
AppearanceLight BrownViscosity (@40oC)25 mm2/s
ChlorineYesSpecific Gravity (@20oC)0.97
EsterYesLoadbearing capacity (kg/mm2)N/A
SulphurNoRefractometer Conversion FactorN/A

Mid Form 149 is designed to be used as supplied and can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Mid Form 149 Parts formed with Mid Form 149 can be cleaned with caustic, alkaline or solvent cleaners. Parts should be cleaned before welding or any heat treatment operations take place.supplied s designed to be used as supplied and can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Bio-stability – these products give excellent bio-control maintaining bacteria levels well within the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidelines.

Operational Recommendations

Mid Form 149 should always be stored indoors and protected from frost. Good standards of hygiene and housekeeping should always be adopted when using any metalworking fluid. A separate MSDS is available for this product.

As with all modern cutting fluids, concentration control is of paramount importance, therefore regular check by use of a refractometer is recommended for this product. It should be noted that the individual product refractometer correction factor should always be used to ensure accuracy.