Chain saw Oil – Chain Medium 30 – Chain Saw ISO 100, 150, 220

Midlands Lubricants Chain Saw Oil ISO 100

Midlands Lubricants Ltd supplier distributor of premium quality Oil and Lubricants including Chain saw Oil. Midlands Lubricants supplies Chain Saw Oil with advanced non throw additives as standard, to both trade companies and individuals alike.

Our quality lubricating Chain saw Oil ISO 100, 150 & 220 are suitable for use on most chain saws and are blended brand new to order from virgin base oil. We also understand the importance of safety and reliability so we regularly contact our customers to form lasting partnerships. Keeping your chain saw well lubricated is crucial to prevent the build up of heat, we deliver this with our superb quality products coupled with the added advantage of great price and timely delivery so we have happy customers who choose to come back time and time again.

Supplying quality chainsaw oil suitable for Alpina, Husquarna, Echo c series, John Deere, Jonsered, Komatsu G range, Makita DCS range, McCulloch Mac and PM series, Pioneer P series, Poulan, Stihl – Can’t find what you are looking for? just call or send an enquiry.

Blended brand new to order– Quality Assurance Policy BER 1400/2002

Product Description – Chain Saw Oil ISO 100 Data Sheet

Midlands Lubricants Chain Saw Oil 100    
  • Chroma 30 Equivalent – HP 146 Chainsaw oil Equivalent 
  • Advanced non-throw performance
  • Multi-use chain lubricant
  • Economical
  • Reduced Friction
  • Also available in Biodegradable 

Product Description – Chain saw Oil 150 Data Sheet

Midlands Lubricants Chain Saw Oil 150
  • Advanced non-throw performance
  • Multi-use chain lubricant
  • Economical
  • Reduced Friction

Product Description – Chain Saw Oil 220 Data Sheet

Midlands Lubricants Chain Saw Oil 220   

Chain Saw Oil is a high quality high viscosity anti-fling lubricating oil produced from solvent refined base stocks formulated with advanced non-throw additive to prevent lubricant loss and promote continuous smooth chain motion for high speed chainsaws.

  • Advanced non-throw performance
  • Multi-use chain lubricant
  • Economical
  • Reduced Friction

Product Description – Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil 100 

Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil 100 – Eco Chainsaw Oil

Midlands Lubricants Biodegradable chainsaw oil is a vegetable oil based lubricant which is an environmentally acceptable alternative to conventional mineral oil based chainsaw fluids.

  • Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil 100 – Please call for our latest prices 
  • Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil 100 – Premium quality blended new
  • Bio Chain Oil available in 205L, 20L, 25L & 5 litres
  • Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil 100 Data Sheet

Product Description: 2 stroke Engine Oil (Mineral / Synthetic)

Midlands Lubricants Synthetic 2 stroke Engine Oil  
Super 2 Stroke Blue or Red 50:1  – Red or Blue 

Under normal running conditions Full Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is suitable for use at ratios as low as 50:1 parts petrol: oil, or can be used at different ratios as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

  • Excellent Detergency
  • Strong Resistance to Spark Plug Fouling
  • Reduced Piston Crown and Exhaust Port Deposits
  • Outstanding Protection Against Rust

There are only a few basic steps to keep any chain saw well lubricated and ready to go but often it just means refilling the oil in the reservoir. If refilling the oil is not apparent at a glance, be sure to consult your owner’s manual for instructions.

In order to grease the sprocket, you will need a grease gun designed specifically for a chain saw. Midlands Lubricants also has considerable knowledge and experience and will always help take the stress out of ordering whilst still providing quality products at competitive prices (consistently better priced than eBay and Amazon) so why not checkout our fantastic Grease range also suitable with Chain Saw Oils.

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