Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil 32 – Bio Hydraulic Oil ISO 32

Bio Degradable Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 or 46 – New and Sealed Eco Oil
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Midlands Lubricants Ltd supplier and distributor of premium quality oil, lubricants are please to provide customers with a comprehensive range of Hydraulic Oils.

Our biodegradable Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 which is highly recommended for agricultural and forestry use where special care is required to protect the environment. Especially useful on equipment where there may be spillage as Hydraulic oil 32 Bio is not only environmentally acceptable it is also non foaming. Blended brand new to order from Virgin base stock.

  1. How do I replace Hydraulic Oil with Biodegradable?
Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance Policy BER 1400/2002.

Midlands Lubricants supplies Hydraulic oil 32 Bio in various quantities and also various other Hydraulic oils Bio viscosity grades 46 and 68. We also supply the extremely popular Hydraulic Jack Oil.

Product Description – Midlands Lubricants Hydraulic Oil 32 HVI Hydraulic 32 and 32 bio.
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Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil 32 –  What do we pay?


Midlands Lubricants Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 is a plant / vegetable oil based lubricant which is an environmentally acceptable alternative to conventional mineral oil based hydraulic fluids. Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil 32 is particularly recommended for use in agriculture and forestry applications and is especially suitable for use where special care for the environment is required such as those applications where there is a risk of loss or spillage to the environment.
Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil 32 is formulated with an anti-foaming agent to prevent undue foaming in service.

Typical Properties:
  • Density, g/cm3 @ 15.6°C 0.920
  • Flash Point, COC 305°C
  • Pour Point -24°C
  • Biodegradability, CEC L-33-T-82 > 90%
  • Viscosity
  • Kinematic, @ 40°C = 32 cSt
  • Kinematic, @ 100°C = 5.4 cSt

Standard Hydraulic Oil ISO 32

Hydraulic ISO VG 32 Oil

Midlands Lubricants Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 is formulated from high viscosity index solvent refined mineral base oils with additives to provide excellent protection against oxidation, corrosion, wear and foaming.

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