Long Life Blue Antifreeze – Blue Antifreeze Coolant – Concentrate

Blue Antifreeze – Universal Blue Antifreeze Concentrate
  • Blue Antifreeze Price £1.45 per litre (205 ltr)  ** please call for up to date prices
  • Blue Antifreeze Price £1.65 per litre (25 ltr)  – Concentrate 
  • Universal Antifreeze Data Sheet

Midlands Lubricants is a supplier and distributor both to local and nationwide customers with a wide range of Antifreeze to meet every eventuality. Midlands Lubricants Long Life Blue Antifreeze can be used on most vehicles from Motorcars, Vans through to Buses used on Heavy Plant equipment such as Excavator Antifreeze as well as Farm Tractor and other farmyard equipment to stop engines from freezing in the winter, it is also suitable as a coolant throughout the year.

Blended brand new to order– Quality Assurance Policy BER 1400/2002
Product Description: Midlands Lubricants Season Blue Antifreeze Concentrate
  • British Standard BS 6580:1992
  • Excellent Frost Protection down to -36°C
  • Provides Protection against Over-Heating
  • Excellent Corrosion and Rust Protection
  • Suitable for Constant as a coolant all year
  • Non-Foaming
  • Appearance Blue
  • Density, g.cm-3 @ 20°C 1.125
  • Boiling Point (undiluted) 160°C
  • Reserve Alkalinity (0.1M HCl) 20 ml
  • pH Value @ 50% aqueous 7.5
  • Freezing Point, Undiluted -13°C
  • Freezing Point, 25% aqueous, (1:3 ratio is antifreeze to water) -16°C
  • Freezing Point, 33% aqueous, (1:2) -19°C
  • Freezing Point, 40% aqueous, (1:1.5) -24°C
  • Freezing Point, 50% aqueous, (1:1) -36°C
  • Hard Water Compatibility Pass

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