Spark Erosion Oils – EDM Oil – Electrical Discharge Machine Oil

Midlands Lubricants supplier and distributor both to local and nationwide customers with a wide range of Spark Erosion Oil, EDM Oil in various viscosity levels to hopefully meet your spark erosion lubrication requirements. Below is a guideline of some of our product range all blended brand new from virgin base stock.

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Mid Spark 4    Spark Erosion Oil Data Sheet

Spark Erosion Oil – Electrical Discharge Machining Fluids

Mid Spark 4 EDM is a range of dielectric fluids for Electrical Discharge Machining.

Mid Spark 4 EDM is low viscosity fluids combining antioxidant and low viscosity hydrocarbons.

Mid Spark 4 EDM is based on highly refined mineral base oils.

Application & Benefits
  • Suitable for all types of Electrical discharge machinery that calls for mineral oil
  • Enhances component surface finish
  • Low viscosity
  • Anti-oxidant formulation to maximise oil life
  • Provides effective flushing of chippings
  • Formulated on low aromatic content base oil
  • Chlorine free
  • High dielectric strength
  • Prolongs the life of the electrode

Product Description: 

Mid Spark 2  Spark Erosion Oil Data Sheet

  • Prolongs the life of the electrode

Mid Spark 2 – Typical Properties

CharacteristicsTypical DataCharacteristicsTypical Data
AppearanceClearViscosity at 40°C2.0 cst
Flash Point80°CSpecific Gravity (@20°C)0.809
Pour Point-15CChlorineNo
Mid Spark 2 Directions for use 
  • 3 year shelf life from manufacture.
Product Description:

Midlands Lubricants Spark Erosion Oil ML/SEDM90  


  • Mineral oil based product designed for spark erosion machining.


  • Mixed hydrocarbon isomer.

Physical Characteristics

  • Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C 0.79 – 0.81
  • Flash Point @ °C 72 minimum
  • Kinematic Viscosity (cSt) 40°C 1.7 – 2.0
  • Aromatic Content % v/v 5.5 HPLC
Product Description:

Midlands Lubricants Spark Erosion Oil ML/SEDM100


Midlands Lubricants Spark Erosion Oil ML/SEDM100 is a oil designed for spark erosion equipment that has a high flash point, low viscosity, oxidation resistant product developed for use in electric discharge machining operations.

Midlands Lubricants Spark Erosion Oil ML/SEDM100 is formulated with a highly refined base stock which is colourless and virtually odourless. This provides a cleaner and more pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. The product exhibits a relatively high flash-point that reduces the possibility of fire. The low viscosity of the fluid provides good circulation through the spark gap and more rapid removal and settling of metal fines. Midlands Lubricants Spark Erosion Oil ML/SEDM100 has excellent oxidation stability which reduces the formation of oxidation products that will alter the dielectric strength of the fluid. Midlands Lubricants Spark Erosion Oil ML/SEDM100 exhibits a high dielectric strength which provides insulation of the tool and work-piece and controlled electric discharge during the electric discharge machining operation.


  • High flash point
  • Low odour and good operator acceptability
  • Rapid fines settlement
  • High dielectric strength
  • Multi-metal compatibility

Physical Characteristics

  • Appearance Clear colourless liquid
  • Odour Bland
  • SG @ 15.6oC 0.819
  • Flash Point > 130oC
  • Viscosity @ 40 oC 4.1 cSt

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