General Soluble Cutting Oil – Water Soluble Cutting Oil

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, own brand Supplier distributor of general water soluble cutting Oils or SUDS as they are more commonly called. Suds Oils a belong to the group we call metalworking fluids. These Metalworking fluids or Oils are often referred to as coolants, slurry or soap Oils but in fact are just cutting Oils that turn milky white when mixed with water. Midlands Lubricants Cutting Oils are used during the machining of metals to provide excellent lubrication and cooling, and to help carry away debris such as swarf and fine metal particles. They usually help to improve machining performance, reducing friction and judder and prolong the life span of the cutting tools, as well as provide corrosion protection for the surfaces of work-pieces.

General Water Soluble Cutting Oil Data Sheet        

Midlands Lubricants Water Soluble Cutting Range

Mid Sol Water Soluble Cutting Oil GP 40 – Price £1.60 (208 ltr) £1.80 (20 Ltr)
Mid Sol Water Soluble Cutting Oil GP 40 EP  Price £1.60 (208 ltr) £1.80 (20 Ltr)
Mid Sol Water Soluble Cutting Oil D44 GP  Price £1.65 per ltr (205 ltr) £1.80 (25 Ltr)

Water Soluble Cutting oils are available in IBC, 205, 208 Litres and 20 Litres

Midlands Lubricants Water Soluble Cutting Oil – SUDS – Milky White
  • Appearance: soluble cutting oil
  • Efficiency: Formulated to extend cutting tool life
  • Mineral based cutting fluid – soluble
  • Suitable for a wide range of machine operations including Drilling, Milling and Sawing


  • Extended sump life
  • Low Foaming
  • Highly stable emulsion
  • Enhanced tool-life
  • Multi-metal compatible
  • High level of corrosion protection

Physical Characteristics

  • Low Mist
  • Non-staining
  • Multi Metal Applications
  • Pale Colour – Milky White
  • Low Odour

Other Soluble Cutting Oil – Including Synthetic

Selection Chart Soluble Cutting Oil DataIncluding Synthetic Soluble Oil