General Soluble Cutting Oil (SUDS) – Milky White Soluble Coolant

Midlands Lubricants supplier and distributor both to local and nationwide customers with a wide range of Soluble Cutting Oil in various viscosity levels to meet every eventuality. Below is a guideline of some of our product range all blended brand new to order from virgin base stock.

General Soluble Cutting Oil Data Sheet     –   £1.60 per litre GP 40 in 208 litres

Midlands Lubricants Soluble Cutting Oil
  • Appearance: soluble cutting oil
  • Efficiency: Formulated to extend cutting tool life
  • Mineral based cutting fluid – soluble
  • Suitable for a wide range of machine operations including Drilling, Milling and Sawing

Midlands Lubricants Soluble Cutting Range

  • Mid Sol D44 Soluble Cutting Oil  –  
  • Mid Sol GP 40 General Soluble Cutting Oil – Price £1.60 per ltr (208 ltr) £1.80 (20 Ltr)
  • Mid Sol GP 40 EP Soluble Cutting Oil  – Price £1.60 per ltr (208 ltr) £1.80 (20 Ltr)
  • Mid Sol SS Soluble Cutting Oil  – 
  • Mid Sol SS EP Soluble Cutting Oil – 
  • Mid Sol AL Soluble Cutting Oil – 

Soluble Cutting oils are available in IBC, 205, 208 Litres and 20 Litres


  • Extended sump life
  • Low Foaming
  • Highly stable emulsion
  • Enhanced tool-life
  • Multi-metal compatible
  • High level of corrosion protection

Physical Characteristics

  • Low Mist
  • Non-staining
  • Multi Metal Applications
  • Pale Colour – Milky White
  • Low Odour
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