Universal Tractor Oil – 15w/40 Suitable for Fendt Tractors – 10w/40 Engine Oil


10w/40 Engine Oil Suitable for Fendt Tractors

Midlands Lubricants own brand Agri supplier is pleased to offer a range of performance Petrol and Diesel Engine Oils suitable for Fendt which are specially formulated semi-synthetic engine oil to meet the stringent European performance specifications for Turbo diesels engines and naturally aspirated Diesel engines working under normal and strenuous conditions.
  • Midlands Lubricants supplier of own Agri brand Oil and Lubricants that are suitable for use in Fendt Tractors, we do not represent the Manufacturer or Trademark if you cannot find what you are looking for please call or email.
Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance policy BER 1400/2002

Engine Oil 10w/40 Fully Synthetic E9 Low Saps 

E9 Fully Synthetic Low Saps – Top Tier – Multi Grade 

10w/40 Product Description:   
  1. 10w/40 Full Synthetic Low Saps E4/6/7/9 VDS-4 Spec
  2. 10w/40 Full Synthetic Low Saps E4/6/7  Spec
  3. 10w/40 Semi Synthetic A3 B3 B4 Spec
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Product Descriptions:  10w/40 Engine Oil Data Sheet 
  • 10w/40 Fully Synthetic Low Saps E4, E6, E7, E9 VDS-4   (AS Below)
  • 10w/40 Fully Synthetic Low Saps E4, E6, E7
  • 10w/40 Semi Synthetic A3, B3, B4

Midlands Lubricants 10w/40 Engine Oil is also formulated to provide excellent frictional characteristic together with high anti-wear and extreme pressure performance. Midlands Lubricants 10w/40 Engine Oil are recommended for a wide range of lubrication applications, such as powershift and hydrostatic transmissions, final drives and hydraulic systems in vehicles where Caterpillar TO-4 and/or Allison C4 performance are also specified.


  • Exceptional Anti wear protection
  • Excellent frictional characteristic
  • Enhanced wet brake performance
  • Improved low temperature stability
  • Meets a variety of OEM requirements
  • Suitable for a wide range of off highway machinery requirements
  • High API diesel specification Applications:

Midlands Lubricants recommends 10w40 Tractor Engine Oil is suitable for use in diesel and petrol engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems, final drives, wet brakes and oil immersed clutches.

Midlands Lubricants 10w40 Tractor Engine Oil is an advanced high performance universal oil designed for use in the latest agricultural machinery. It can also be widely used in conjunction with a majority of other farmyard and off road equipment including excavation, construction and demolition. Midlands Lubricants 10w40 Tractor Engine Oil is prepared from a combination of synthetic and highly refined mineral base oils and is blended with current state of the art additives to provide the ultimate protection against wear, rust and corrosion. This grade has excellent shear stability and contains anti-foaming, anti-oxidation and demulsification additives, these are vital for satisfactory performance in engines and efficiency, transmissions, wet brakes, hydraulic systems and final drives.

Performance Specification:
  • MF:M1145 M1143:
  • John Deere J20C:
  • Ford M2C134-D
  • Gear & Transmission Specifications:
  • API GL-4 Allison C4:
  • Caterpillar TO-2 Afnor NFE 68603 E
Engine Specifications:
  • ACEA E3 API CG-4, CF-4, CF, CE/SF
  • MB 227.1
  • MAN 271
  • Ford M2C121-B CCMC D4
  • Military MIL-L-2104D

10w/40 Equivalent Transmission Fluid and other Fendt suitable oils

Universal Tractor Transmission Fluid suitable for various machine Backend, Transmission & Hydraulics