Tractor Hydraulic Oil – Hydraulic Oil suitable for Tractors

Hydraulic Tractor Oil

Universal Transmission Fluid   Viscosity Index 147 (Hydro-trans) Backend Fluid

Tractor Transmission Fluid (Hydro-trans) meets a comprehensive range of international performance and specification requirements

Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance policy BER 1400/2002

Please call for our latest prices – Available in various sizes

  • Case: MS 1204, MS 1205, MS 1206, MS 1207, MS 1210
  • John Deere: JD20A, JD20B, JD20C, JD20D
  • New Holland: NH 410B
  • Valtra: G2
  • Ford: M2C134A-D, M2C41B-48B, M2C53A
  • MF: M1135, M1141, M1110, M1127, M1129A,
  • API: GL4
  • Allison: C-3, C-4
  • Caterpillar: TO-2
  • ZF: TE ML 05, 06
  • Sperry Vickers: 1-286-S-M2950S
  • Denison: HF-0, HF-1, HF-2
  • TTF Tractor Transmission Fluid data sheet 
Super Universal Oil also used in Hydraulic Systems

Standard Hydraulic Oil – Higher Viscosity – Biodegradable

Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 or ISO 46 (HLP)
  • Hydraulic VG 46 Price (IBC 1000 Litres)
  • Hydraulic VG 46 Prices available for various sizes
  • Hydraulic VG 46 – Please Call for our latest prices

Midlands Lubricants Ltd is a specialist premium quality own brand supplier of oils and lubricants including Hydraulic Oil ISO 46, Higher Viscosity (HVI) Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 & ISO 32.

We offer a complete range of High performance popular Combine, Harveter & Tractor Hydraulic Oils including but not limited to ISO VG 46, ISO VG 68 and ISO VG 32 used in construction, farming and various other highly demanding equipment. Our Hydraulic Oil are blended using solvent Paraffinic base oils. Midlands Lubricants supplies Hydraulic Oils in various ISO VG and HVI Viscosity grades 5,10,15,22,32,46,68,100 and 150 at the very best discount prices. The most popular and best value are Hydraulic Oil ISO 32, Hydraulic Oil ISO46, Hydraulic Oil 68 and Hydraulic Jack Oil.

Check which Hydraulic Oil viscosity you require with our Data Sheets
  1. Hydraulic Oil Data Sheet   VG 46 DIN 51524, Part 2
  2. HVI Hydraulic Oil Data Sheet  
  3. Hydraulic Jack Oil 32 Data Sheet  
  4. Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil 32 Data Sheet  
  5. Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil 46 Data Sheet
  6. CAT 10w Data Sheet
  7. CAT 30w Data Sheet
  8. CAT 50w to SAE 50w Data Sheet

Midlands Lubricants also offer competitively priced a full range of HVI Hydraulic Oil including HVI 32, HVI 46 and HVI 68 as well as CAT 10w and CAT 30w.

  1. AGRI and Heavy Plant Service Oil, delivered straight to the Garage of your choice.
  2. Better Viscosity Index than Brand Name Oil suppliers.
  3. Improved Viscosity Index, stops the Oil becoming thin at high temperature, lasting longer.
  4. Extreme Pressure (EP) oils that bond to prevent touching at high pressure prolonging life.
  5. Anti-foam agents.
  6. Brand match Laboratory tested oils with full batch traceability.    
Frequently asked questions

Hydraulic Oil ISO 10w

  • Anti-wear: Excellent      
  • Anti corrosion / rust: Excellent
  • Suitable for: a wide range including (heavy duty) Bulldozers, Military Vehicles, Excavators
Midlands Lubricants Hydraulic Oil 32 Bio    
  • Anti-wear: Excellent
  • Anti corrosion / rust: Excellent
  • Suitable for: a wide range including (static) Forklifts, Lifts, Bulldozers, Tractors, Forestry
Midlands Lubricants Hydraulic 32 Oil   
  • Anti-wear: Excellent        Also available in Bio & HVI
  • Anti corrosion / rust: Excellent
  • Suitable for: a wide range including (static) Diggers, Bulldozers, Loadall, Excavators 
  • DIN 51524, Part 2 (HLP) – VG 32 Hydraulic Oil
  • ISO 6743/4, Type: HM
  • Vickers: I-286-S

Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 – VG46 – HVI 46 – Bio 46

  • Anti-wear: Excellent   AW ISO 46 
  • Anti corrosion / rust: Excellent
  • Suitable for: a wide range including Telehandlers, Excavators, Tractors, Cranes, Bulldozers, Harvesters
  • DIN 51524, Part 2 (HLP) – VG 46 Hydraulic Oil
  • ISO 6743/4, Type: HM
  • Vickers: I-286-S

Hydraulic Oil ISO 68 – VG68 – HVI68

  • Anti-wear: Excellent   HVI 68 
  • Anti corrosion / rust: Excellent
  • Suitable for: a wide range including: Backhoe Loaders, Diggers, Excavators, Combines, Cranes

Other Hydraulic Oils available:

  1. The viscosity grade and the hydraulic Oil type: These specifications are typically determined by the type of hydraulic pump employed in the system, operating temperature and the system’s operating pressure. But it doesn’t stop there.
  2. Consideration are: base Oil type, overall lubricant quality and performance properties. A system’s requirements for these items can vary dramatically based on the operating environment, the type of machine for which the unit is employed and many other variables.
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Midlands Lubricants Hydraulic Oils is for sale, packaged and available in: 1000 Litre (IBC’s) 205 Litre (Barrels) 25 Litre (Drums) 5 Litre (Bottles).

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Other Tractor Hydraulic Oils available:

Tractor Transmission Fluid  – Backend Fluid Hydro/Trans