Broaching Oil – Broaching Fluid

Midlands Lubricants is a supplier and distributor both to local and nationwide customers with a wide range of Broaching oils to meet every eventuality. Broaching is a machine process that requires a coolant to stop the workpiece overheating when pressed against the broach tool. Our Broaching Oils work equally well on Linear Broaching  or Rotary Broaching. Our Broaching Oils are compatible with most lathes and screw cutting machines. Midlands Lubricants Broaching Oils work especially well with high production runs of Splines, Keyways, Castings, Forgings and stamping etc. Below is a guideline of some of our Broaching Oils but why not check out our Soluble cutting Oil or Thread Rolling Oil that works in conjunction with Broaching Oil.

Neat Cutting / Broaching Oils Full range 

Product Decsription: Broaching Oil 

Midlands Ludbricants Mid Cool C600
  • Mid Cool C 600 Broaching Coolant Price available on request
  • Mid Cool C 600 Broaching Coolant (20 ltr) 
A multi functional high performance EP water soluble metalworking fluid, suitable for but not limited to General Machining, Boring, Broaching, Metal Forming, Drilling, Reaming, Tapping and Threading

Mid Cool C600 is a high performance water-soluble coolant designed for moderate to heavy duty machining operations. It is compatible with a wide range of metals and water hardness.

Mid Cool C600 has been developed as a high performance low foaming coolant for moderate to difficult machining operations on ferrous, non-ferrous and other high performance alloys.

Mid Cool C600 incorporates the latest performance additives including extreme pressure; the product also exhibits excellent lubricity characteristics to provide both good tool life and surface finish. The product is highly resistant to bacteria formation and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance whilst maintaining machine cleanliness and operator acceptability.

Application & Benefits
  • Reaming
  • Tapping and threading
  • Deep hole drilling and boring
  • Sawing
  • Milling
  • Heavy Duty Turning & Broaching
  • Metal Forming
  • Contains high EP & lubricity additives
  • Low foam at high pressure
  • Suitable on ferrous, non ferrous, and high performance alloys
  • Suitable for use in hard and soft water
  • High performance in arduous operations
  • Excellent finish especially on non ferrous materials
General Broaching Neat Cutting Oil:

Midlands Lubricants Neat Cutting Oils are extreme pressure low viscosity neat oil designed for Screw Cutting machines working mainly on ferrous materials. These Products works in conjunction with a majority of the latest machinery including Lathes and CNC machines. They promote long cutter life and give excellent finish on Stainless Steel, tube and various other metals.

Product Decsription:

Midlands Lubricants Broaching Oil MLBO88G

Midlands Lubricants Broaching Oil MLBO88G is a high performance neat cutting containing a synergistic blend of extreme pressure additives designed to extend tool life and enhance surface finish for arduous operations on difficult materials such as stainless steel and alloy steels. In addition, the low viscosity provides exceptional flushing properties.Midlands Lubricants Broaching Oil has proved successful on both vertical and horizontal broaching operations and gear cutting but can be used wherever a heavy duty cutting oil is required. Due to the nature of the additive package, MLBO88G is only recommended for ferrous materials.

Physical Characteristics

AppearenceDark Brown
SG @ 15.6°C0.83 – 0.89
Viscosity @ 40°C8.0 -12.0 cSt
Flash Point120°C minimum
Product Decsription:

Midlands Lubricants Broaching Oil MLBO631

Midlands Lubricants MLBO631 Broaching Oil is a very low viscosity, high lubricity metal working oil designed to give excellent penetration without losing any extreme pressure functions.  It was principally designed for broaching  of any difficult metals.

Physical Characteristics

AppearenceMobile Liquid
ColourPale Yellow
SG @ 60°F0.95 – 1.07
Viscosity @ 40°C10 -13 cSt

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