Soluble Cutting Fluid – Milky White Cutting Oil

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, based in Redditch, have an extensive range of blended soluble cutting oil and neat cutting oil to meet the demands of the modern CNC and Bar Auto machinery but is equally good as a coolant on older lathe models and works brilliantly on multi tool machinery. We understand the financial constraints of manufacturing, so our Cutting Oils and fluids offer virtually all lubrication and coolant requirements enabling excellent anti tool wear protection while still providing equipment optimisation on an extremely wide range of applications from metalworking to aerospace. Midlands Lubricants Ltd is a specialist supplier and distributor of water mix Soluble Cutting Fluid offering a complete range of High performance, Bio stable and bespoke cutting fluid at the very best prices.

Soluble Cutting Oil Range Soluble Oil includes Suds & Synthetic range

Mid Sol Soluble Cutting Oil GP 40 – Price £1.60 per ltr (208 ltr) £1.80 (20 Ltr)
Mid Sol Soluble Cutting Oil GP40 EP – Price £1.60 p/ltr (208 ltr) £1.80 (20 Ltr)
Mid Sol Soluble Cutting Oil 44 – Price £1.65 per ltr (208 ltr) £1.85 (20 Ltr)
Midlands Lubricants General Cutting Oil
What are cutting Oils and Grinding Fluids?