Oils Suitable For Toyota Auris Hybrid: 5w/30 Engine Oil – 0w/30 Engine Oil

Midlands Lubricants are really pleased to present our own brand Hybrid engine oil range, including 5w/30 for the incredibly popular Toyota Auric Hybrid where 5w/30 engine oil is recommended. Our 5w/30 and 0w/30 Engine Oil have excellent benefits for hybrid engines whilst also providing lubrication and rust prevention. All our oils are blended brand new to order from virgin base stock.

Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance Policy BER 1400/2002.

Product Description
Toyota Auris Hybrid suitable 5w/30 Engine Oil and 0w/30 Engine Oil
Toyota suitable 0w range Motor Engine Oils
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  • The high quality of this full synthetic oil means that fuel economy is maximised at the same time as engine wear is being minimised
  • Oil viscosity or thickness is maintained even under the most severe of operating conditions thereby ensuring maximum engine protection
  • A low SAPS formulation which is compatible with catalysts and diesel particulate filters (DPF’s)
SAE Viscosity5w30
Specific Gravity (at 15°C)0.847
Kinematic Viscosity (at 100°C, cSt)9.9
Kinematic Viscosity (at 40°C, cSt)54.6
Viscosity Index170
Pour Point (°C)<-30
Flash Point (°C)>200
Cold Crank Viscosity (cP)6,600
TBN (mg KOH/gm)6.03