Oil Suitable For Bantam Cranes: 15w/40 Engine Oil, 10w Hydraulic Oil, 80w/90 Transmission Oil

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, supplier distributor of own brand Oils,of Crane Hydraulic Oil, Lubricants and Grease have a fantastic product range suitable various cranes including Mobile Cranes, Truck Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Self Propelled Cranes, Yard Cranes and Railway Cranes. This is the Oils we suggest for Bantam Crane range.
Obviously Bantam Cranes are extremely complicated pieces of equipment and have multiple lubrication needs. Midlands Lubricants suitable Bantam Crane Oils include 15w/40 E7 or E9 Engine Oil – 10w Hydraulic Oil – 80w/90 GL4 or GL5 Gear Oil – Transmission Fluid – Drives Oil, Boom and Crane Chain Case, Bevel Case Fluid and Antifreeze Blue Concentrate Coolant.
  • Blended brand new to order – Quality Assurance policy BER 1400/2002
Crane Hydraulic Oil – Hydraulic Oil Data Sheets
Crane Engine Oils – 15w40 Engine Oil E9 Low Saps Data Sheet
Midlands Lubricants Crane Transmission Oil
Antifreeze – Screenwash – Greases – Traffic Film Remover
Crane range include (Chrysler, Continental, Allis, Detroit and Cummins): (Can’t find what your looking for just give us a call or Email)
  • Crane 304 series:
  • Crane 306 series:
  • Crane 424 series:
  • Crane 426 series:
  • Crane C-350A series:
  • Crane CR-350 series:
  • Crane S488 series:
  • Crane S626 series:
  • Crane T350 series:
  • Crane T725A series:
  • Crane T888 series:
  • Crane TK450 series: