Industrial Lubricants

Midlands Lubricants Ltd is a premium quality supplier and distributor pleased to offer a complete range of Industrial Lubricants including Soluble Cutting Oil, Neat Cutting Oil, Machine Coolant, Compressor Oil and Slideway Oil, in various viscosity.

Midlands Lubricants also has considerable knowledge and experience providing quality products at extremely competitive prices. Our Industrial Hydraulic Oils and General engineering oils are for use in Lathes, Powerpress, Drilling and Milling machine along with various CNC Machines and are suitable for use on a extremely wide range of Alloys & Metals.

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, has become synonymous for supplying performance Industrial Oils, lubricants and Industrial greases. We understand the machining and financial constraints of our customers so we offer a fantastic product range of multi grade products used on Machining Centres (Soluble Cutting oil), Horizontal Milling Machine (Neat Cutting oil), CNC Flat bed Lathes (Soluble cutting Oil) Rotary grinders (Slideway oil) and Compressor Oil. We also work with customers to reduce the need to hold multiple oils, thus making savings.

Industrial Lubricants:

Also specialising in Agricultural Oils, Automotive Oils, Construction Oils, Highway & Commercial Oils, Marine Oils, Metalwork Oils, & Railway Oils to companies and individuals.

Midlands Lubricants Industrial Lubricants and Oils are for sale, packaged and available in: 1000 Litre (IBC’s) 208 / 205) Litre (Barrels) 20/ 25 Litre (Drums).

Please call or Email for product applications and specification

We understand the complexity of ensuring the correct industrial oil or lubricating fluid for your application so just send us a message and our technical team will get back to you promptly.