Cutting Oils: Soluble and Neat Cutting Oils

Midlands Lubricants Ltd is a specialist supplier and distributor of Soluble Cutting Oil offering a complete range of High performance, Bio stable and bespoke water mix cutting fluid at the very best prices.

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, based in Redditch, have an extensive range of blended soluble cutting oil and neat cutting oil to meet the demands of the modern CNC machine but is equally good as a coolant on older lathe models and this cutting oil works brilliantly on multi tool machinery. We understand the financial constraints of manufacturing, so our Cutting Oils and fluids offer virtually all lubrication and coolant requirements enabling excellent anti tool wear protection while still providing equipment optimisation on an extremely wide range of applications from metalworking to aerospace.

Unsure of the correct oil or coolant for your application? Soluble cutting range and prices.
Mid Sol Soluble Cutting Oil GP 40 – Please call for latest prices
Mid Sol Soluble Cutting Oil GP 40 EP – Extremely versatile cutting oil
Mid Sol Soluble Cutting Oil D44 – Durable Multi-purpose cutting oil. Available in IBC, 205 litre & 25 Ltr
Mid Sol Soluble Cutting Oil Stainless Steel – Titanium Synthetic Cutting Oils – What Cutting oil is the best to use?
Mid Sol Soluble Cutting Oil Aluminum – Copper

Mid BIO Cutting Coolant – Looking for a Biodegradable Cutting Oil. Call Today for our latest prices.

Midlands Lubricants General Cutting Oil
  • Appearance: soluble cutting oil
  • Efficiency: Formulated to extend cutting tool life
  • Mineral based cutting fluid – soluble
  • Suitable for a wide range of machine operations including Drilling, Milling and Sawing
  • General Soluble Cutting Oil Data Sheet     

Other Soluble Cutting Oil – Including Synthetic

Selection Chart Soluble Cutting Oil DataIncluding Synthetic Soluble Oil 


What are cutting Oils and Grinding Fluids?
Midlands Lubricants Heavy Duty Soluble Cutting Fluid
  • High performance cutting fluid on Stainless, Alloy Steels and Low Carbon steel
  • High performance cutting fluid on Brass and Aluminium  
Midlands Lubricants Super cool Soluble Cutting Oil  
  • Compatible cutting fluid – High Alloy Steels to Cast Iron Steels
  • Cutting fluid designed to Extend tool life
Midlands Lubricants High Quality Soluble Cutting Fluid
  • Cutting fluid for Ferrous and non Ferrous materials 
  • Suitable for a number of operations such as Drilling, Milling and Metalworking
Please call or Email for product applications and specifications

Midlands Lubricants Soluble Cutting oil is for sale, packaged and available in: 1000 Litre (IBC’s) 208 Litre (Barrels) 20 Litre (Drums)

We understand the complexity of ensuring the correct cutting oil or fluid for your application so just send us a message and our technical team will get back to you promptly.