Oils Suitable For Fiat Vans: 0w/30, 5w/30 Engine Oil 10w/40 Engine Oil, 85w/140, 80w/90 Gearbox Oil, Dexron II Transmission Fluid

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, supplier distributor of own brand Oils, Lubricants and Grease have a fantastic product range suitable for the Fiat Van range.
Midlands Lubricant suitable Fiat range includes Fiat suitable 0w/30, 5w/30 C2 or C3 Engine Oil Fiat 10w/40 Low Saps Engine Oil 15w/40 E7 or E9 Engine Oil, 10w/30 E6 Engine Oil – Fiat suitable 80w/90 GL5 Gearbox Oil, 80w/140 or 85/140 GL4 Gearbox Oil, 75w/90 Gearbox Oil – Differential Oil – Fiat suitable Transmission Fluid or Fiat suitable Dexron II Automatic Transmission Fluid – Steering Fluid, CVT and Brake Fluid – Antifreeze Blue Concentrate or Red Longlife OAT.

All our oils are blended brand new to order for service and are covered by quality assurance BER 1400/2002 certificate for warranties.

0w range Engine Oils – 0w30 Engine Oil Fully Synthetic C3 Data Sheet
5w range Engine Oils – 5w30 Engine Oil Fully Synth Data Sheet
Van Transmission Oil range – Universal Transmission Oil Data Sheet
Van Gear Oil range
Van (HGV) Antifreeze – Cleaner – 5th Wheel Grease range


Fiat Diesel  vans include: (Can’t find what your looking for just give us a call or Email)

  • Fiat Doblo series
  • Fiat Doblo Cargo series
  • Fiat Ducato series
  • Fiat Ducato Multijet series
  • Fiat Ducato Box series
  • Fiat Ducato Bus series
  • Fiat Ducato Platform series
  • Fiat Florino Multijet series
  • Fiat Grande series
  • Fiat Punto series
  • Fiat Panda Van series
  • Fiat Scudo series
  • Fiat Scudo JTD series
  • Fiat Strada series