Horticulture Oils – Lawnmower Oil – Biodegradable Oils

Midlands Lubricants Ltd, is a premium quality own brand supplier distributor of oils and Lubricants to companies and Individuals alike at affordable prices: Our customers range from Professional Horticulturists through to keen gardeners. We currently blend multiple 2 stroke oils suitable for Lawnmowers and Strimmers that prevent seizing. We also supply Chainsaw Oil (with non throw additives), Sit on Lawn Mower Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oils for those heavy duty jobs and Gear Oils. Don’t forget to check out our fantastic Biodegradable oil for those jobs undertaken where the environment is of paramount importance.

Blended brand new to order– Quality Assurance Policy BER 1400/2002
Popular Products:
Hydraulic Oil
  1. HVI Hydraulic Oil Data Sheet
  2. Hydraulic Oil Data Sheet
  3. Biodegradable Hydraulic 46
Groundsman Engine Oils – 15w40 Engine Oil E9 Low Saps Data Sheet
Chain Saw Oil – 2 Stroke Oils
Groundsman Transmission Oil & Gear Oil
Groundsman Antifreeze – Screenwash – Greases – Traffic Film Remover
Other Data Sheets

Midlands Lubricants also have an range of products that will meet the needs of most types of horticulture Oils including Golf machinery Oil, ground maintenance Oils and grease requirements along with Farm Hydraulic Oils, Landscape Machinery Oils and Farming Transmission Oils. Our Lubricants and Greases help enable you to get the very best performance and efficiency from Farming Equipment reducing down time. Midlands Lubricants also supply Putting Greens mower Oils, greases. We also have a fantastic range of products for Forestry Oils, grease, 4×4 All Terrain, Quad bike Oils and Walk behind Mowers Oils, Grease and lubricants.

Products are blended and laboratory tested with samples retained for full batch traceability. We offer technical support and our products are supported with data sheets if required.

We can make local and national deliveries and offer a next day service for those emergency requirements. Products are packaged and available in: 1000 Ltr (IBC’s) 205 Ltr (Barrels) 25 Ltr (Drums) 5 Ltr & 1 Litre (Bottles).